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Water Wipes: Natural Baby Wipes For Moms On The Go - Chemical free baby wipes #waterwipes #ic #ad

School is back in session and life is getting crazy. I feel like our schedule is packed to the brim with sports practices, homework, school socials, church activities and more. And my son is only in kindergarten! I’m already missing the leisurely days of play dates and preschool.

Natural baby wipes for busy moms

Water Wipes: Natural Baby Wipes For Moms On The Go - WaterWipes party #waterwipes #ic #ad

So, when WaterWipes invited me to share their fabulous, chemical-free wipes with some of my friends, I decided to throw a little lunch party for my best girlfriends. My friends have been experiencing some of the same back-to-school stress as me, so it was nice to relax for an afternoon and detox with each other. We chatted about the current mom-struggles we’re dealing with, like sending our first kiddos off to school while having the younger siblings home with us all day. And, of course, our conversation turned to ways we’re trying to improve life for our families — by making healthier meals, playing outside more and getting rid of gross chemicals that have infiltrated our homes.

Water Wipes: Natural Baby Wipes For Moms On The Go - Chemical free baby wipes #waterwipes #ic #ad

My friends were excited to learn about WaterWipes — between us, there were four babies born in the last year and six kids still in diapers! We go through a lot of wipes. A few of my friends had, like me, dealt with babies with sensitive skin. They’d been through a bunch of different brands of wipes without finding one they felt loyal to, so they couldn’t wait to try these out. Since WaterWipes are made from 99.9% purified Irish water and 0.1% grapefruit seed extract, they’re all-natural and provide a safer option for babies.

It was such a fun afternoon to chat with my fellow moms. I love knowing we’re all in this parenthood thing together, constantly trying to find new solutions to keep our families healthy and happy. And besides good conversation, there was plenty of time to sit and play with cute babies. 😉

WaterWipes party #waterwipes #ic #ad

We let the kids get involved in the party, too, when we got out some art supplies. They loved finger painting to their hearts content! And, the moms all loved how easy clean up was thanks to our chemical-free wipes. It was a great afternoon.

Easy clean up with WaterWipes #waterwipes #ic #ad

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