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Cooking with Curious Chef: Real Kitchen Tools and Cookbook for Kids that Grandma Loves Too!

The day my daughter called me from college to ask how to boil an egg was a huge blow. It was at that moment that I realized that I’d let her down as a parent. I had tried so hard to be the “perfect” mother, baking and cooking for her and her friends, that I had completely forgotten to teach her how to do basic things like boil an egg.

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How the Movie ARRIVAL got Parenting Right By Alexis Marie Chute

The movie ARRIVAL was nominated for eight Academy Awards at the 2017 Oscar’s celebration. It brought home the win for Best Sound Editing, which makes sense considering it’s a film about language and communication – not to mention Aliens. However, it wasn’t the movie’s impressive cinematography or audio that captured my attention. As a parent – and a bereaved mom – I was captivated for a different reason.

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Why Do Women Let Men Take What We Don’t Want to Give?

As parents and grandparents, we need to teach young girls that “No” is a complete sentence. Too often we stress being “kind” and “nice, ” but that can backfire. As recently as October 2016, a tape of then-candidate Donald J. Trump was released in which he spoke about grabbing women and boasted that when you’re a star, “they let you do it.” So much coverage was spent on Mr. Trump’s other crude remarks, that those last words went largely ignored.

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