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5 Tips for Spring Lawn Care Maintenance Plus the Benefits of Natural Turf #ILoveMyLawn

I know summer is just around the corner because it’s spring and the tulips are blooming, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. It’s been raining for weeks, and I long for some sunshine. Our yard is soggy, and it’s keeping us from enjoying time outdoors. I can’t wait for longer days, more sunshine, and time to spend hanging out enjoying our backyard from morning until night to finally arrive. Our backyard is the place where we entertain friends, play lawn games (Frisbee is our favorite right now), and where I have romantic star gazing dates with my husband. It’s true, I love my lawn, and I appreciate Grass Seed USA asking me to share my tips for spring lawn care maintenance plus the surprising benefits of natural turf.

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Gardening Ideas – Using Flowers to Create a Whimsical Design

If you’ve ever seen logos, smiley faces, animals or any other design drawn out in a garden just with flowers, you’ve probably wondered how it was done. Disney is a master when it comes to designing with flowers. If you’ve been to any of their parks, you’ve probably marveled at the intricate designs that greet you right from the front gates.

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