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Rover.Com: Earn Money for Rubbing Bellies and Playing Fetch

I discovered a few years ago when we were looking for a local pet sitter. We’re incredibly choosy when it comes to our pets and kenneling them isn’t an option. Our dogs are used to sleeping in our bed, laying on the couch, and generally being treated as a member of the family. The thought of them spending time in a cage is something we’re not ready to do.

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Must Haves for Dogs – Big or Small #BBNshops #ad

I have two small dogs and yes, I spoil them. How can I not, they’re so adorable and give me nothing but love. I know I’m not alone because the dog gift market has exploded over the last few years. Perhaps it’s because baby boomers like me are finding themselves home alone now that the kids have moved out

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I and love and you – Weird Name, Great Dog Treats

I admit it. I spoil my dogs. Not just because they’re adorable and deserve it, but also because feeding them well has kept them healthy and happy, until now. My older Pomeranian is experiencing health issues for the first time in her life. At almost 10 years old, prior to this she’s only been to the vet for shots and routine check-ups.

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