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2016 Hot Holiday Toys: Rated Kid-Tested and Parent-Approved

Every holiday season toy lists are sent out by retailers, magazines, and more. We’ve pulled together several lists so you can compare them all on one place. We’ll update and add info regularly so please bookmark us. Also, many of these toys are being bought up and resold for much higher prices already so if your child has his/her heart set on a specific toy, buy it now before all of them are gone at the original prices.

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Primary Science Shining Stars Projector: Let’s Kids Explore the Galaxy @LearningHandsOn

My son is fascinated by astronomy and he has been since he was a small child. I like to think that we developed his interest through the books we read to him and the trips we took to the mountains to watch the stars. Now that he has his own daughter, it’s a chance for him to share his love of all things celestial with her. She may only be 6 months old, but it’s not too early to interest her in the world above her.

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NEW 2016 LEGO Disney Cinderella Castle Set Photos Released

Big news in Disney and LEGO land. Fans were surprised with a sneak peek at the newest Disney LEGO set, and it’s pretty spectacular. The photos appear to have been first released by PopSugar who’s apparently pulled the story as it’s not currently accessible, but of course, rabid LEGO fans screen copied the very detailed photos of the interior of the castle.

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