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Insights from Anna Oginsky, author of “My New Friend, Grief”

I remember the first time someone said to me, “It goes so fast,” when my oldest son, James, was a newborn. I didn’t believe them. I wondered how fast it could possibly go? At that point, the days and nights were blurring together as one, long, exhausting stretch of time. It seemed like I would never have a good night’s sleep again. We eventually added a second son and then a daughter, and now James is a freshman in high school. It went by so fast.

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Enchanted Forest Creatures Crochet Pattern Book Includes Gnomes, Fox, Owl & More

This new Enchanted Forest Creatures crochet pattern book is from Leisure Arts and was released in July 2016. It’s a collection of sweet and lovable easy-to-crochet woodland animals (Fawn, Fox, Rabbit, Great Horned Owl, and Baby Owl) and their forest friends (Fairy, Gnome, and Gnomette). Created by Jessica Boyer, medium weight yarn with the exception for the Gnome’s beard which is done in bulky. If you don’t have bulky yarn, two to three strands of medium weight worked together is a great substitute.

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