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4 Mobile Apps for the Summer Concert Season #ATTSeattle

It’s summer and AT&T wants to make sure you’re ready to take in all the summer concerts in your area. We all know it’s a bummer when you find out your favorite band is playing near you, but the tickets are sold out online before you hear. To prevent that from happening again this summer, AT&T has curated some concert apps to help you know first when tickets go on sale.

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Teen Beach 2 Gotta Be Me Dance Lesson With Chrissie Fit and Jordan Fisher

It’s a catchy tune with killer dance moves, but it’s not that hard to learn it, right? That’s what a room full of 25 bloggers including myself thought when Disney Xd gave us a chance to learn the moves to one of Teen Beach Movie 2’s best songs, “Gotta Be Me.” After all, we were learning the steps from CHRISSIE FIT (“CheeChee”) and JORDAN FISHER (“Seacat”) who perform the dance in the movie.

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