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WaterAid – Find Out How You Can Help Support Mothers Around the World

American moms forget that while we have so many choices for our children’s births, that’s not the same the world over. While we’re lamenting we feel cheated because our birth plans weren’t followed and we didn’t get to experience the perfect birth, other women are forced to give birth in unclean environments and without basic necessities like clean water. The difference between them and us? A random act of birth that placed us in a world where we wouldn’t think of having a child without all of the modern accouterments afforded us by our society.

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Guide to Healthy Cleaning: Top Products & Scary Ingredients to Avoid

The Environmental Working Group ( maintains a list of the top green cleaning products that are safest to use (last update June 2016). They’ve tested and rated 2,000+ popular household cleaning products rating them with grades from A (very low toxicity) to F (high toxic or little to no ingredient disclosure). This grading is based on the safety of the product’s ingredients as well as the information the manufacturer discloses about the contents of their product.

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