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PoolCandy has everything you need for every season, both inside and out! And no, you don’t need to own a pool to enjoy the fun products they offer.

Air Candy Illuminated LED Inflatable Chair

We love the indoor/outdoor Air Candy Illuminated LED Inflatable Chair. It offers 120 color options with its remote control. Plus, it’s generously sized to fit up to adult size and can be used on almost any surface.

We gave our granddaughter this chair because we knew she’d love it.  It’s shaped much like a bean bag chair, but it’s only three pounds so it’s easy to move around the room, even for young kids. The included remote control allows you to choose the chair to glow or flash and opt for a single color or multiple colors. We love that it’s easy to use and our granddaughter easily changes the color when her “favorite” color requires a new hue.AIR CANDY ILLUMINATED LED INFLATABLE CHAIR - pouf sold seperately

The chair’s comfort is determined by the amount of air pressure in the chair – we kept it on the low side for our granddaughter so that she’d be more comfortable and sink down in it like a standard chair. Plus it helps keep her from damaging it with her constant abuse of flopping into the seat and flying over the back.  So far it’s durable and stands up to her crazy moves.

The Air Candy Illuminated LED Inflatable Chair is currently her favorite reading chair, but it will likely go outside on summer evenings. I love that it can do both, easily!

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Poolcandy Splash Runner 2.5 Motorized Inflatable Pool Lounger

Poolcandy Splash Runner 2.5 Motorized Inflatable Pool Lounger

Sure, you don’t NEED a motorized pool lounger, but how fun would it be to cruise around the pool in one!  It has a motor that does all the work for you so you can relax in style!  Use this lightweight and durable raft in the pool or lake. It’s sized for teens and adults. Batteries are required.

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Need something smaller but just as much fun?

PoolCandy Tube Runner Motorized Water FloatPoolCandy Tube Runner Motorized Water Float

It’s a deluxe inflatable water tube that includes a 3-blade propeller and battery-powered motor that allows you to scoot across the water.  It’s perfect for kids, teens, and adults and can be used in a pool or lake. Race your friends and family or just scoot around to entertain yourself.

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