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Blogging: Rebranding and Moving Hosts

Who takes on moving a website and rebranding during the busiest time of the year? This girl! Why? Beyond the fact that I think I’ve gone insane, the name MiscFinds4u never fit. It was a leftover URL from my eBay selling days and one I happened to own when I decided to give blogging a try.

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Thanksgiving Alone By Choice – Crazy? #IntelAIO

My husband and children all work in the public service sector so they often work holidays. When they do, I usually skip Thanksgiving all together and spend the day going to a movie. It’s something I started doing years ago when the kids were young and I worked full-time plus had a second weekend job as well. Back then if my husband was off on the holiday, he’d take the boys to his parents, and I’d get a day off to myself. Now that I work alone it’s not such a necessity, but it’s a habit I’m finding hard to give up.

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Ride With Me to Pebble Beach in the Ford C-Max #CMAXDrive

I’ve been a Ford fan since 1995. Well actually before that because 1995 was when we bought our second Aerostar van; I’ve forgotten the model year of the first. Our first Aerostar was a used van which we traded in a few years later when the engine caught on fire. I don’t remember now why it did, I only remember putting it out with 7-11 Big Gulp cups of Diet Soda. We obviously weren’t scared off by the incident because we replaced our van with a brand new (then) Aerostar with four-wheel drive and a V-6. Back then we had two small children and a 16″ Bayliner boat, so the new van was perfect fit.

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