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Thanksgiving Alone By Choice – Crazy? #IntelAIO

My husband and children all work in the public service sector so they often work holidays. When they do, I usually skip Thanksgiving all together and spend the day going to a movie. It’s something I started doing years ago when the kids were young and I worked full-time plus had a second weekend job as well. Back then if my husband was off on the holiday, he’d take the boys to his parents, and I’d get a day off to myself. Now that I work alone it’s not such a necessity, but it’s a habit I’m finding hard to give up.

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Ride With Me to Pebble Beach in the Ford C-Max #CMAXDrive

I’ve been a Ford fan since 1995. Well actually before that because 1995 was when we bought our second Aerostar van; I’ve forgotten the model year of the first. Our first Aerostar was a used van which we traded in a few years later when the engine caught on fire. I don’t remember now why it did, I only remember putting it out with 7-11 Big Gulp cups of Diet Soda. We obviously weren’t scared off by the incident because we replaced our van with a brand new (then) Aerostar with four-wheel drive and a V-6. Back then we had two small children and a 16″ Bayliner boat, so the new van was perfect fit.

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International Food Blogger Conference 2013

I arrived at the W Hotel in Seattle the night before the event and instead of attending the local foodie event, I chose to come in a little later after rush hour. My roommate for the night was Emily from Clever Housewife. The two of us met up with my son and his girlfriend in the hotel’s lounge where we enjoyed appetizer including frites with cheese and garlic aioli (amazing) and drinks.

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Mass Delete Tags in WordPress Tutorial

If you’ve been blogging for any length of time, you’ll find that as your database grows larger, so does the opportunity for database conflicts which can slow down your site. I’m in the place right now. My site kept failing and my ISP suggested it was partially caused by my enormous post tag file – over 30K in all.

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Triberr – How to Use it Effectively (How not to be a Jerk)

I’ve been using triberr as a way to amplify my posts for some time now. When I first joined I did what most newbies do. I joined every tribe out there without a thought to the quality of the tribe. Now that I’ve had some time to really explore all that triberr can offer, I thought I’d give you my tips on how to use triberr effectively and how not to be a jerk.

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