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It’s 3 am, and your dog is vomiting on your bed. You want to ignore his wretching, hoping your spouse will wake up and take care of it, but after another pile of puke lands near your head you jump out of bed. You’re faced with a pup that looks ill and is about to empty the rest of the contents of his stomach when you realize this doesn’t look or feel like an everyday stomach ache from him eating too much grass again.

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Five Signs of Wellness in Dogs & How Food Factors In

My dogs are a part of our family. Like children, they entertain us, provide unconditional love, and annoy the heck out of us when they misbehave. But unlike children, they’ll never grow up and move away! Unfortunately, dogs age so darn quickly and we have them for such a short time so it’s our job to love and care for them.

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