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Antibiotic-Free Meat: What’s It Mean & Where to Find it in the Grocery Store & Dining Out

Many people shop for food without considering where it comes from and how it’s grown. Often taste and price are the only things that factor into our buying decision. But lately, the issue of animals routinely being medicated with antibiotics has come to the forefront, and it’s starting to make many consumers aware of the results of this type of farming.

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Get the FREE ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center App

It’s 3 am, and your dog is vomiting on your bed. You want to ignore his wretching, hoping your spouse will wake up and take care of it, but after another pile of puke lands near your head you jump out of bed. You’re faced with a pup that looks ill and is about to empty the rest of the contents of his stomach when you realize this doesn’t look or feel like an everyday stomach ache from him eating too much grass again.

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Disney SoapSox: A Fun 2-in-1 Washcloth Alternative

SoapSox plush toys were created to be a bathtime aid. They’re available in fun animal characters, but they have a few licensed Disney characters too! Choose from Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Ariel, Flounder, Nemo, or Squirt to add to your bathtime fun. These fun 2-1n-1 stuffed toys are washcloth alternatives, so they’re practical too!  Each loveable character has a patented soap pocket that holds liquid soap or a small bar of soap which takes this from a plush toy to a scrubber to get your child clean from head to toe! They’re designed with a soft terry cloth exterior and an anti-microbial sponge interior to keep the suds coming and help prevent anything nasty from growing inside.

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Boho-Chic Looks – Retro-Cool Styles for Standard & Plus Size Women

The Boho Shift Dress is the perfect vacation dress – wear it as a beach coverup and then out to dinner. Boho-chic styles are ideal for sightseeing and traveling because of their loose and airy styling which helps keep you looking fresh and casually chic. Plus most pair wonderfully with nude sandals or booties for a comfortable travel outfit that looks great and feels fabulous. Additionally, the Bohemian style is all about layering and mixing pieces so carry the style into fall by adding leggings, a poncho or wrap, and even tall boots and boot socks for a fantastic Autumn look.

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A Quick, Easy & Filling Solution for Breakfast or Anytime! @JimmyDean #JimmyDeanBowls

I am not a morning person. I’ve tried to be, but I just need time to wake up and get my brain and body going so the last thing I’m even thinking about is making breakfast for my husband. I’m satisfied with a little yogurt and fruit, but he’s a Captain for a local fire department, and he needs something much more substantial to get him through until lunch.

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The writers at - Steve & Connie (the boomers), Alex & La the millennials with a 1-year old baby girl, and Brian and Mary Beth world travelers with a double income and no kids. Find out more ABOUT US here.

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