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SuperMax the Turtle Nightlight and Star Projector

Getting your child to go to sleep and then stay asleep is one of those parental mysteries. There’s no rhyme or reason why some kids are easy sleepers and others fight it every step of the way. Oh sure. Some parenting is involved, but there are babies who right out of the womb are terrible sleepers. Of course, they gave an inkling that they were active ones in utero, but we didn’t heed their warning.

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Bitta Kidda LovieSack: Soothing Sleep for Baby

Every new parent wants to be sure their child is safe in her crib. There are many solutions, but the Bitta Kidda LovieSack™ is a wearable sleep sack with a crib-safe Lovie attached so it soothes as well. It’s a wearable blanket that can’t cover baby’s face which can help avoid accidental suffocation. Plus it has a diagonal zipper that lets you easily change her diaper.

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Adorable Holiday Gifts at Aurora World Toys

With the holidays next week, I am always on the lookout for cute new toys to fill up stockings and put under the tree from Santa! When searching for gift ideas, I like to try to steer away from the typical name brand toys we all tend to go for. I love supporting toy companies that encompass uniqueness, quality, learning, and creativity in their selection. When I heard about Aurora World Toys, I was excited to see what cool products they offer for this special holiday season.

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Mamachic Scarf – Stylish New Mom Must-Have Accessory

This beautiful scarf is a stylish accessory every new mom will love wearing! This Mamachic scarf can be used as a nursing scarf because it’s made from a light bamboo fabric that’s breathable, but it can also be a baby swaddle, burp cloth, clothes protector, and more. Wear it as an infinity scarf, a top, a skirt, a belt, a hood, and even a dress. Created from fully sustainable bamboo, this scarf that’s made in the US, gets softer with each washing.

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Boppy Lux Pillow for Nursing, Tummy Time, and More

This Boppy Luxe Pillow is so versatile! Use it while nursing, for tummy time, to prop up baby, for learning to sit, and more. It’s adorable with a soft turquoise cover on one side and colorful geometric pattern on the back. The front is decorated with a sweet pennant design with the embroidered word “happy.”

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GiftLit Makes Reading With Kids Easy: Personalized Book Selection Subscription

It’s common knowledge that reading to your kids is one of the most important things you can do for them, but did you know just how far-reaching those benefits can be? From developing a closer relationship with you, to setting them up for academic excellence, to reinforcing basic speech skills and enforcing concentration and discipline — reading early and often to even the littlest kids provides an impressive foundation.

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Bears for Humanity: Buy One, Give One Organic Teddy Bear

I’m a huge fan of buying gifts that give back and so are the folks behind Bears For Humanity™. This amazing company gives away one bear for every bear purchased, and you get to decide where your donated bear goes! They’re assembled in the US by Welfare to Work participants and these adorable bears are organic and reasonably priced so they’re affordable.

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