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Family Movie Night: Inexpensive Ways to Make it Special #CVSSpringSnacking #CVS

Making family movie night fun not only saves you money compared to heading out to the movie theater, but it lets you make the experience your own. With the average home television set well over 32″ and many home theater systems now in the affordable category, it’s easier than ever to get the gang together for a movie and snacks. Plus you control the room temperature, who sits next to you, and you can pause the movie when you need a refreshment break! Plus, you can laugh, cry, or scream to your heart’s content and no one can shush you or tell you to turn off your cellphone.

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Family Snack Bar: Empower Kids to Make Healthy Choices #CVSSpringSnacking

If you have kids, then the upcoming spring and summer breaks may have you worried. The never ending, “Mom (or Dad), can I have a snack?” starts almost the moment their feet hit the floor first thing in the morning. It’s replayed throughout the day repeatedly until they go to bed. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can give the power of choosing and serving snacks to your kids!

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Picnic for Two: Connect and Enjoy Great Natural Snacks #CVSSpringSnacking

In this Pinterest-driven world, if you wait until you can create the perfect moment, a distinctive date, or memorable party, you might miss out on some wonderful opportunities. In fact, instead of trying to pick the ideal time and location, I opt for spontaneity as much as possible when it comes to planning activities with my husband because I don’t know when the opportunity will present itself again.

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GoOrganic Candy – Hard or Chews, Just Naturally Delicious!

Made by the Hillside Candy Co, GoOrganic candies are made in the USA, Organic, Non-GMO certified, Gluten-free, Kosher, and Allergen friendly. I’ve been enjoying their candies for years having first discovering them in bulk at The Natural Candy Store. While their chewy candy has been my favorite in the past, I’m now adding their hard candy to my list of favorites as well

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