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Back to School Lunch Ideas: LunchBlox #BloxOff

My son starts kindergarten this week! My biggest goal as a mom is to set him up for success. This first year of “real” school — so much more grown up than preschool! — lays a foundation for all the years of education ahead of him. I hope he is enthusiastic about learning, makes friends, and learns a lot. I know that having a full tummy will help him reach these goals.

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Can it Be a Celebration Without Cake? My New Favorite Holiday – Thursday

The best part of any celebration is the cake. I can’t think of many events that don’t make it the centerpiece for the event. Wedding cakes are designed with great care to express the couple’s personal style. Birthday cakes are created in fabulous shapes, colors, and more to evoke a feeling of whimsy. Cake is featured at baby showers and is a popular way to reveal the baby’s gender with the color of the icing. It just wouldn’t be a celebration without cake!

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Pack a Healthy Bento Box School Lunch in Five Minutes

Who doesn’t love the elaborate bento boxes that some parents create for their children? They’re fabulously creative and so detailed that they use tweezers to place tiny bits of seaweed, peppers, and other organic material to create eyes, noses, and more. But who’s got time for that? Most of us are lucky if we can slap some PB&J between two pieces of bread and throw in a juice box. But I’m here to tell you there is a way to pack healthier lunches, make them cute, and not spend hours in the kitchen!

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Healthy Breakfast at Home or On-the-Go in 5 Minutes!

I discovered CVS’s Gold Emblem Abound Instant Oatmeal Maple & Brown Sugar and I decided it was time to take back breakfast, but I needed to modify my usual cooking habits to accommodate the heatwave. I took breakfast outside onto the deck and we had enjoyed a few minutes listening to the birds why we savored our meal before the heat of the day chased us inside.

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