(Check out the finished stairs here:  DIY Pet Stairs – Paint, Carpet, and Completion!)

We’re still knee deep in our master bedroom remodel and with the recent purchase of a king size bed, we found by fixing one problem (the need for more sleeping space for us and our dogs), we created another. Specifically that our old dog stairs (Pet Gear Easy Step III Pet Stairs, 3-step/for cats and dogs up to 150-pounds) were now too short.  That and they were ugly plastic stairs that would have looked terrible in our newly redecorated room.

Trying out the fit of the new (unfinished) pet stairs against the foot board of our new king size bed.

Trying out the fit of the new (unfinished) pet stairs against the foot board of our new king size bed.

Additionally with our big dog in the final stages of bladder cancer, we are no longer able to let him up on our bed. Our 2K investment would be ruined in one visit from him, so we decided to replace the one-size-fits-all dogs stairs we had which were too small for the big dog and to big for the small dogs, with stairs specially sized for our two little dogs.

We initially considered the Petstairz 6 Step High-Density Foam Pet Step for Pets up to 50 Lbs but realized that our very neurotic Pomeranian would likely balk at stairs made from something with so much give. It would cost us $149, and we’d have no assurances she’d use it. But the real deal breaker was that the stairs took up too much room because of the way they’re designed and would have been a trip hazard for me.

DIY Pet Stairs

After checking out all the commercially pet steps available, the hubby decided to go all DIY and make them a custom set of stairs. I’m sure if you search you can find some free online plans, but be sure you take into account your own pup’s size and shape and change them as necessary. Also, note the height and width you have to work with within the location you’ll be using them in.

There are also books available for DIY pet projects including Black & Decker’s 24 Weekend Projects for Pets: Dog Houses, Cat Trees, Rabbit Hutches & More if you’re not ready just to throw something together.

A look at the new do-it-yourself handyman special wooden pet steps (unfinished).

A look at the new do-it-yourself handyman special wooden pet steps (unfinished).

The hubby just pulled out some scrap lumber – 2×4’s and trim left over from the remodeling and came up with what he thought were deep enough and short enough stairs for our 5 pound Maltese and 10 pound Pomeranian. These stairs mimic their shorter gait and their longer bodies.

The steps are nailed together and yesterday we tried them out.  The girls adjusted well and if I’d been consulted on the design, which I was not, I would have made the top stair twice the length.  I can see one of the girls sitting at the top blocking the other from getting up and/or down – that’s what our dogs do. Plus should they take a running start, which was necessary for them to get up our old stairs, there’s some slop at the top for them to stop within without falling off the end.

The stairs need the nail holes filled and then we’ll be painting them. The hubby used trim to finish the stairs to make them more finished looking, but also for practical reasons. It gives the pup’s claws something to catch on, and it’ll help hold the carpet in place (we’ll likely use Velcro to attach them for easy removal). We’ll be covering them with some leftover Flor carpet tiles from another project because they’re easy to cut, and they can be removed, washed, dried, and then replaced.

A look inside the new diy wooden doggy steps (unfinished).

A look inside the new DIY wooden doggy steps (unfinished).

These homemade DIY dog stairs are phenomenally better than the ugly plastic version we had before, and they fit perfectly because they were designed for the space. I just hope that once they’re in place, we can convince the big dog that it doesn’t mean he can get up on the bed. After 12 years of it being his spot, it’s hard to tell him he’s no longer welcome.

DIY VS Purchased Pet Stairs – The Cost

So how does the cost compare to purchased stairs? The closest comparison is a value line product that retails for $72 with the manufacturer noting that they have low-quality carpet on them, so the screws show. Stairs closer in size and quality to ours run $168. I think I’ll stick with the homemade version for now because we had the lumber on hand left over from other projects, so our cost was just our time.

Not ready to go the DIY route?  Or want something that takes up a little less space? We use a high-density foam pet stair in the living room. The girls have no problem with them. Gracie is about 6 lbs. I wouldn’t use them for dogs over 15-20 pounds as I think they become unstable at that point.

Small dog pet stairs you can purchase online:

4 Step Portable Pet Stairs By Majestic Pet Products Gray Links Steps for Cats and Dogs We have the 3-step version of these pet stairs in our living room. Gracie, our Maltese (she’s 5lbs) has no problem going down, but she finds the first step much too high going up. Other than that, these are perfect, lightweight, and portable stairs, and they’re moved all over our living room so she can get up on whatever piece of furniture she desires (spoiled :)) The best part? They’re attractive and not the horrid plastic versions. We’ve had some of the plastic versions, and the dogs hated them – the sound of them being moved and stepped on to scared them. 4 Step Portable Pet Stairs By Majestic Pet Products Gray Links Steps for Cats and Dogs
 6-step Dog Stairs for Pets – 5″ step x 5″ rise

 6-step Dog Stairs for Pets - 5" step x 5" rise