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Antibiotic-Free Meat: What’s It Mean & Where to Find it in the Grocery Store & Dining Out

Many people shop for food without considering where it comes from and how it’s grown. Often taste and price are the only things that factor into our buying decision. But lately, the issue of animals routinely being medicated with antibiotics has come to the forefront, and it’s starting to make many consumers aware of the results of this type of farming.

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Guide to Healthy Cleaning: Top Products & Scary Ingredients to Avoid

The Environmental Working Group ( maintains a list of the top green cleaning products that are safest to use (last update June 2016). They’ve tested and rated 2,000+ popular household cleaning products rating them with grades from A (very low toxicity) to F (high toxic or little to no ingredient disclosure). This grading is based on the safety of the product’s ingredients as well as the information the manufacturer discloses about the contents of their product.

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4 Ways to use Essential Oils In the Laundry Room

The benefits of essential oils have been making their way around the blogosphere, but this isn’t a new craze. Using essential oils for healing, wellness, and masking terrible odors have been around for centuries. Luckily, many families are looking for more natural ways to manage their health and scent their homes, so they’ve made a resurgence. But what many haven’t discovered yet is the benefits of using essential oils in the laundry room, but overlooking this great way to use their favorite oils means they’re missing out on some natural cleaning power!

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5 Tips for Spring Lawn Care Maintenance Plus the Benefits of Natural Turf #ILoveMyLawn

I know summer is just around the corner because it’s spring and the tulips are blooming, but it sure doesn’t feel like it. It’s been raining for weeks, and I long for some sunshine. Our yard is soggy, and it’s keeping us from enjoying time outdoors. I can’t wait for longer days, more sunshine, and time to spend hanging out enjoying our backyard from morning until night to finally arrive. Our backyard is the place where we entertain friends, play lawn games (Frisbee is our favorite right now), and where I have romantic star gazing dates with my husband. It’s true, I love my lawn, and I appreciate Grass Seed USA asking me to share my tips for spring lawn care maintenance plus the surprising benefits of natural turf.

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