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WaterWipes: Clean Baby Naturally and Without Harmful Chemicals

As parents, we want what is best for our children. We don’t need many things to get them through the infant/baby stage, but the things we do need we use a lot of. One of those things is wipes. In the beginning, you imagine you’ll only need them for changing your baby’s diaper. But as time goes on, you realize what a handy tool they are, and you start to use them for everything. I use baby wipes to clean my 4-month old daughter’s hands (she is teething, and they are constantly in her mouth), those neck folds of baby fat that can get really gross if you don´t take care of them, her face, and of course her bottom.

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Bears for Humanity: Buy One, Give One Organic Teddy Bear

I’m a huge fan of buying gifts that give back and so are the folks behind Bears For Humanity™. This amazing company gives away one bear for every bear purchased, and you get to decide where your donated bear goes! They’re assembled in the US by Welfare to Work participants and these adorable bears are organic and reasonably priced so they’re affordable.

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