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Laundry Room Quotes and How Life’s Transitions are Revealed In Laundry

I was shopping on Zulily today, something I seem to do almost every day, and I came across several wall stencils for a laundry room and I realized they are about the truest quotes I’ve ever read. They’re versions of something I’ve said to myself many times over the years and close to the advice I try to give parents when they lament about the piles of laundry that come with each new child. Mine was always, “When the laundry is gone; it means they’re gone.”

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Organic Cotton Bedding – Breathable, Comfortable, and Beautiful

Cotton is quite possibly the best fabric on earth. It’s a natural fiber from a biodegradable and renewable source, and when it’s grown organically, it’s as close to perfection as it gets. Unlike synthetic fabrics which are made from cheap petroleum products, cotton breathes so it’s comfortable to wear all year round and as an added bonus, it wicks moisture. It’s so important to reduce the number of chemicals and toxins we expose our bodies to.

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