I think half double crochet is my favorite stitch, so I was thrilled to use it in my newest pattern. What made this one a little different is it’s a half double crochet two together that is done by working in the same stitch to create a really unique and open pattern.

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This easy weekend afghan is made with a giant crochet hook and three strands of yarn together, so it’s soft, stretchy, and perfect year round. The colors were chosen by the recipient, but I decided how to put them together. I love how they look modern, though the blue is pure Cinderella Ball Gown Blue.

Free Easy Afghan Pattern - Complete it in a weekend

Easy Weekend Afghan Free Crochet Pattern

Half Double Crochet Two Together Pattern – Hdc2tog


3 Colors – Medium Weight Acrylic Yarn

The Bernat Waverly yarn I used is discontinued.

Check out the yarn substitutions below for other options.

  • Color A – 6 Bernat Waverly Blue Gown – discontinued (3.5 oz / 197 yds ea)
  • Color B – 3 Bernat Waverly Vanilla Float discontinued (3.5 oz / 197 yds ea)
  • Color C – 3 Bernat Waverly Pinky  discontinued (3.5 oz / 197 yds ea)
  • Size Q Crochet Hook
  • Darning Needle
  • Scissors

Approximate Size: 54″ x 34″


Chain  56  with 3 strands of color A (use 3 strands of color together throughout the piece)

Row 1: Hdc2tog over the 3rd and 4th chain from the hook. Then Hdc2tog again by inserting the hook in the same chain and the next chain (ie., the next stitch would start in the 4th chain and end in the 5th; the next start in the 5th and end in the 6th). Repeat until the end (54 stitches). Turn

Row 2: Chain 2. Hdc2tog in the first two stitches, then Hdc2tog in the last stitch and next stitch, continue until the end, end with a hdc in the top of the turn 3 chain.

  • Do 4 more rows of color A (for 6 total rows of color A excluding the chain in the count).
  • Join color B. Create 3 rows of color B
  • Join color C. Create 6 row of color C
  • Join color B. Create 3 rows of color B
  • Join color A. Create 12 rows of color A
  • Join color B. Create 3 row of color B
  • Join color C: Create 6 rows of color C
  • Join color B: Create 3 rows of color B
  • Join color A: Create 6 rows of color A
  • End with single crochet of color C (48 rows plus chain and single crochet finish)

Tie tassels in each corner (cut 12, 12” strands of each color – split them evenly into 4 bundles – 3 of each color – pull through and knot at the corners – trim even)

Bury all ends.

Free Crochet Patterns: Easy Weekend Afghan - Tassels

Free Crochet Patterns: Fast and Easy Weekend Afghan - Pattern Closeup

Yarn Substitutions

Bernat Satin Yarn



Premier Yarn Deborah Norville Collection Everyday Solid Yarn

Deborah Norville Everyday Yarn Cornflower Blue

Snow White


Easy Weekend Afghan Free Crochet Pattern – Hdc2tog Tutorial

New to the Hdc2tog stitch? Here’s a quick tutorial.

Hdc2tog Crochet Stitch Tutorial

Color Alternative

Free Crochet Pattern - Weekend Afghan

This is the alternative pattern. It’s the same pattern as above only I randomly changed out the colors. I started with two tan and one orange, dropped a tan and added the dark green, dropped the green and replaced with dark green, etc. I chose the pattern based on the amount of yarn I had of each color. There’s no right way or wrong way. You could even just use three colors and do the entire pattern in the tri-color.  Have fun with it!

Easy Crochet Pattern Afghan

The pattern shown in the background is my Fast and Easy Crochet Throw pattern. I used it to show how different an afghan can look even though you’re using the same exact colors just by changing the way you use it – in rows, randomly, etc.

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