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How the Movie ARRIVAL got Parenting Right By Alexis Marie Chute

The movie ARRIVAL was nominated for eight Academy Awards at the 2017 Oscar’s celebration. It brought home the win for Best Sound Editing, which makes sense considering it’s a film about language and communication – not to mention Aliens. However, it wasn’t the movie’s impressive cinematography or audio that captured my attention. As a parent – and a bereaved mom – I was captivated for a different reason.

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Find Out How Carrying Aspirin Could Help Save a Life

Having my family around me is my idea of heaven. As I get older, that family circle gets smaller, and I think because of that I cling to those that remain even harder. My plan for life is to be healthy and happy, so I take precautions like having a physical check up every year and wearing my seat belt. I also eat whole foods, monitor my blood pressure, and get as much exercise as possible. I don’t want to live longer; I want to live better for the time I have.

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