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Crepe Erase Trufirm Complex

UPDATE: 7/4/2015

It’s been three months since I started using Crepe Erase. The results have been phenomenal. In addition to using it on my neck, I used it on my crepey eyelids, both upper and lower. Crepe Erase literally erased them and they look better now than they have at any other time in my life. I only use the cleanser and cream once or twice a week now and am still using the same first jar I received. It’s not often that I’m so won over by a product that I update on how it’s doing, but this is by far the best skincare treatment I’ve found for that saggy, creepy looking crepey skin on my neck and eyelids (though please read the package directions and don’t follow my lead).

A note about the update pictures below. It’s over 90 degrees in our house today. We’ve had the hottest 30 days on record here in Seattle and we don’t have air conditioning. The redness and “glow” you see is due to the heat and not the product. Compare these photos to my

Not sure you see a difference? Compare these photos to my Meaningful Beauty before/after photos  – I’m over 3 years older in the photo below. None of the photos have been retouched or edited in any way other than to add text and logo.

Crepe Erase 3 moths Results - left eye Crepe Erase 3 moths Results - right eye Crepe Erase 3 month Results - neck

My Crepe Erase Review – Two Week Update

It’s been a few weeks now since I started using the Two-step Crepe Erase System.  The entire process adds about 3-minutes to my daily routine, so it’s a small time investment in myself. I use the

I use the Crepe Erase™ Exfoliating Body Polish in the shower, concentrating on my neck, decollete area, elbows, and the back of my hands. It only takes a minute to exfoliate the area with the large scrubbing beads included in the product. My only complaint about the Crepe Erase Exfoliating Body Polish is that it dispenses too quickly, so I find I’m using too much on most occasions. Because I don’t want to waste a drop of this precious anti-aging product, I use the excess on my knees and forearms, but a smaller hole on the tube would be better.

Crepe Erase Review - My Two Week Trial #IC ad

My skin after 2-weeks of using crepe erase. It’s so much smoother and soft looking than the photo can show. It’s taken years off the look of my sun damaged skin.

Once I’ve towel dried, I use the Crepe Erase™ Intensive Body Repair Treatment in the same areas. It’s super thick and rich and like the scrub, I also use it on my neck, decollete, elbows, and hands. I’ve also snuck it onto my upper eyelids on several occasions though it’s not meant for that area; however, the results there are the easiest to see and the most dramatic.

Crepe Erase Review - My Two Week Trial #IC ad

My hand before treatment.

Crepey skin can happen at any age, and you don’t have to be overweight to have it. I’ve had mine since my 20’s when I was both young and thin. In the past 30 years, I’ve tried many different solutions and serums that claimed to obliterate crepey skin.  While some did temporarily change the appearance of my skin by puffing it up which meant I had fat eyelids,  at least they weren’t crepey. But the effect was gone soon after I washed it off, and there was no change to the skin at all.

But worse, when I perspired, the cream would run into my eyes and sting and there was a burning upon application to my eye area. None of that happened with the Crepe Erase. It neither burned on application or when I accidentally rubbed my eye after applying it and before wiping my hands clean.

Crepe Erase Review - My Two Week Trial #IC ad

My hand after treatment

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I’m a hard one to impress when it comes to skincare products but this is one I wholeheartedly say works as it says it does. My decollete is that of a 20-year old – no sign of crepey skin, even after it’s been washed off. My skin has been improved so I’ll continue to use it, and I’ll buy the Crepe Erase TruFirm Complex – Advanced Firming Eye Serum – Under Eye Cream too because I’ve seen so much change there as well.

Also Available in the Crepe Erase Skincare Line of Anti-Aging Products

My photos don’t do the improvement justice. My skin is very fair and freckled, so it doesn’t look as smooth as it actually is. I expect my skin to stay moist and crepe-free as long as I continue to use Crepe Erase. Try it for yourself, I think you’ll find it as fantastic as I do.

Do you have a problem with crepey skin?