Ever since my first son was born, I’ve been toying with the idea of making him a quiet book. You know, one of those darling fabric books with pages full of different textures, activities and objects for babies and kids of any age to play with in church, on airplanes, in waiting rooms or at any time you (or they) need a peaceful activity. But let’s face it — I’m not the craftiest, and I don’t have a ton of time, so every time I sat down to put a page together it ended up looking lame. Eventually, I gave up.

So, I was SUPER excited to discover Wuka, a company that makes creative, well-constructed quiet books for you. A Wuka is a silent, educational toy that consists of different pages (called “squares”) bound together by a “link” binding. Each fabric page is designed to quietly entertain children while still teaching different skills, like shoe tying, buttoning, matching and more. A Wuka book can be updated at any time by adding, removing or exchanging squares with the reusable link binding, so no two Wukas are the same.


My son was delighted by his Wuka as soon as I pulled it out of the box. He plays with it regularly and it really does keep his attention — quietly! — whenever he sees it, which is no small feat for a rowdy three-year-old. (Having our Wuka at church is especially life-saving.) A few of the squares, like Catchin Critters, are more for fun, but he is trying to learn how to zipper and button so I’m happy to see some of the pages challenging him. The Pack It In backpack square, with buckles and a real zippered pocket, is a particular fave. Other squares, like shoe tying, are definitely too advanced for him at this point but I love knowing he can try it out whenever he’s ready.

There are 10 squares currently available, with more in the works. Wuka also provides helpful videos to demonstrate how to use each square, along with assembly instructions

Best of all, the book is so well made — way better than anything I could have created on my own. I’m all about capitalizing on people’s strengths, and I know the folks at Wuka are way better at making these than I would be. I love having a quiet activity for my son that doesn’t involve a screen — especially one that teaches life skills and encourages using his imagination.

Pick up your Wuka by ordering online — I can’t recommend these books enough for small children!

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