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Fall Entertaining: Cheese Tortellini Soup Recipe – Sausage or Vegetarian

The calendar says it’s fall, so why are the sprinklers still running? And sandals and shorts are still in the forefront of my closet. But I’m not complaining, having a slower descent into the rain and dreary season here in Seattle is fine with me. But it does confuse my mind when I see the colors of fall everywhere in stores, but nature has fallen behind.

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Corn Dog Recipe: Homemade Memories on a Stick!

Corn dogs. Nothing takes me back to elementary school faster than the smell of one. Oh sure, for most people they probably conjer up the sights and sounds of the County Fair, but not me. It’s the sticky lunchroom with the chairs attached to the table and the smear of yellow mustard on my lips and I downed the crispy coated dog on a stick.

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Lactose-Free Recipes: Fruit Milk Shake

Somewhere around my 50th birthday I noticed certain foods that had never been a problem, were now starting to create uncomfortable symptoms for me. Sadly, there were some of my favorite foods – cheese, ice cream, and some brands of yogurt.At first I shrugged it off as over indulgence, but it wasn’t long before I realized that I was having more than just discomfort. In fact, after one horrible night spent suffering in pain every bit as difficult as the labor of childbirth, I vowed never to eat dairy again. Of course, my resolve didn’t last long. These foods are what keep me a vegetarian and not a vegan. But every time I indulged, I felt ill afterwards.

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Recipes for Pumpkin – Creamy Pasta Sauce

Pumpkin is for more than pies! It’s time to start thinking about eating these fabulous gourds year round and not just during harvest season in the fall. While I don’t normally suggest eating fruits and veggies out of season, pumpkin is an exception. That’s because pumpkins are one of the best canned vegetables available because they don’t lose any of their flavor or color in the canning process. In fact, pumpkin is one of the unsung superfoods that is packed with nutrients and vitamins and low in calories.

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