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Find Out How Carrying Aspirin Could Help Save a Life

Having my family around me is my idea of heaven. As I get older, that family circle gets smaller, and I think because of that I cling to those that remain even harder. My plan for life is to be healthy and happy, so I take precautions like having a physical check up every year and wearing my seat belt. I also eat whole foods, monitor my blood pressure, and get as much exercise as possible. I don’t want to live longer; I want to live better for the time I have.

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SmartyPants Kids & Adult Probiotic Complete Gummies – Keep Your Gut Healthy!

There are several I’m sure about when it comes to my health. The first is that I feel my best when my vitamin levels are in the “normal” range. I’ve been severely deficient in B12 and D many times in my life and those are the times when I’ve felt the worst. Taking supplements, both over-the-counter and prescription, have gotten my blood levels back to normal. It’s these experiences that have convinced me that what I put into my body has a huge impact on my wellbeing.

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Go Natural with the Tom’s of Maine Made to Matter Collection at Target

Switching my husband from conventional products to those that are more natural has been a struggle. Mostly because he’s a creature of habit. He’s used the same exact shampoo for the last 35 years. He’s never once strayed from it. He has changed deodorant only once since we first met in 1980, only because they stopped making the brand he used to wear. Thank goodness, I hated the scent of it!

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