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Insights from Anna Oginsky, author of “My New Friend, Grief”

I remember the first time someone said to me, “It goes so fast,” when my oldest son, James, was a newborn. I didn’t believe them. I wondered how fast it could possibly go? At that point, the days and nights were blurring together as one, long, exhausting stretch of time. It seemed like I would never have a good night’s sleep again. We eventually added a second son and then a daughter, and now James is a freshman in high school. It went by so fast.

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NMEDA: Helping People with Disabilities Lead More Mobile Lives #nmedaQAP #NMAM16

I don’t mention it often and I don’t think I’ve ever called it by name here, but I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS). I usually just call in a neurological disorder on the blog because I’ve been hesitant to have it become a label for me. I’ve been very fortunate that in the fifteen years since I first started having symptoms, that my mobility while impaired by fatigue, numbness, and muscle weakness has never been more than an inconvenience.

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Retirement Doesn’t Have to Mean Hitting the Road in an RV

We have lived in our “starter” home for 28 years. That number weighs on me. We didn’t start out to spend nearly three decades here, it just happened. I’ve always wanted to live in another state, but my husband’s job is not transferrable, so here we are until he retires. I’ve dreamed of the day when we’re free to move wherever we want, but where to?

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