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Visit San Jacinto Valley: How to Get There

I recently had a chance to visit San Jacinto Valley. Prior to being invited, I’d never heard of the area, nor did I know anything about the region. Now that I’ve had a taste of what it has to offer, I’ll be adding it to my list of travel destinations I want to visit again soon.

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Nine Days in Panama: Boquete Activities, Lodging and Food

After finally touching down in the city of David after a long series of flights, we caught a cab to the small mountain town of Boquete. Situated in the highlands next to the active volcano, Volcan Baru (highest point in Panama), Boquete is noticeably cooler than the Panamanian lowlands and is best known for its coffee production, often ranking among the best in the world.

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6 Emergency Medical Tips for Travelers

I’m one of those people who have a chronic disease but never go to the doctor. I see my GP once a year for a physical and maybe once or twice a year when we’re changing my meds, but other than that I’m a healthy girl. I’ve never had surgery, only been in the hospital to birth two beautiful boys, and with the exception of a broken pinky and thumb (not at the same time) I’ve never broken or torn anything.

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Where to Stay on Cannery Row: Monterey Bay Inn, CA

Monterey Bay Inn was the perfect place to spend our girls weekend getaway. As part of a collection of four uniquely designed boutique hotels, Monterey Bay Inn provides an authentic, attentive,and intimate Monterey experience for guests who choose to stay with them, whether their stay is for an extended period of time or for a weekend like us.

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