Personal Creations Galvanized Beverage Tub with Stand Review

Personal Creations Galvanized Beverage Tub with Stand

I’m a sucker for anything that can be personalized. Just today, Black Friday, I ordered a new Christmas stocking for my oldest son’s girlfriend as well as a stocking stand. It’s something we’ve needed forever, but I just couldn’t find one I like. But those are not the only personalized items I’ve added to our home this holiday season.

Nope, I got what I think is the most fabulous Galvanized Beverage Tub with Stand from Personal Creations. It’s a galvanized tub that comes complete with a sturdy metal stand so we can fill it with ice and drinks and put it anywhere in the house or on the deck. But even better, I’m going to be filling it with potted poinsettias – I think it will look fabulous!

Personal Creations Beverage Tub - easily holds 10-12 bottles of wine and ice

Personal Creations Beverage Tub – easily holds 10-12 bottles of wine and ice

It’s the perfect item to add to our home this year. Our youngest son got engaged a few weeks ago, so there will be more than a few opportunities to use it as intended. But until then it’ll being do double duty as a holiday display. The backside is not engraved so it can be borrowed and enjoyed by others as well. The engraved side has our name beautifully embossed in the steel and it looks fabulous – just enough to make it readable but not brash.

I’m pretty excited about using the beverage cooler, it sure beats the husband’s solution for keeping drinks cold – a cooler on the back porch. So not attractive! But there are other beverage cooler available including a Man Cave or Paradise version so there’s one for the guys as well. These are study coolers. The stand (optional on some models) folds open to use and then folds flat for storage.

This would make a great wedding gift, or a gift for someone with a beach house or cabin in the woods. It’s fabulous looking, durable, and a great addition to our holiday home!

I received this from Personal Creations and I’ve shopped there many times before. My youngest son’s fiance’s Christmas Stockings was made here as well as the Anniversary Gifts I’ve given my husband for the last two years. And I’ve had my eye on a few Wedding Gifts for the kids as well as some Kitchen Gifts for the future daughter-in-laws bridal shower.

Personal Creations has always exceeded my expectations with the quality of their personalization and I’ve adored every product I’ve received. Give them a try next time you need something a little more personal.

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