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Want to instantly update the look of your home? Add lighting that enhances the features of your home, provides light for safety, and just for fun, lighting that can change color instantly! That’s what we’ve just done in our front yard, and we love the look.

From dull and dark

LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Lights - Of OSRAM SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB LED Outdoor Lights #LIGHTIFY #IC #ad

To fun and colorful!

LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Lights - Blue OSRAM SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB LED Outdoor Lights #LIGHTIFY #IC #ad

Pick one color or a rainbow!

LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Lights - White OSRAM SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB LED Outdoor Lights #LIGHTIFY #IC #ad

Or lighting fit for a princess party!

LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Lights - Purple OSRAM SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB LED Outdoor Lights #LIGHTIFY #IC #ad

Or your favorite team’s colors.

LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Lights - Green OSRAM SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB LED Outdoor Lights #LIGHTIFY #IC #ad

Choose the level of brightness, the color, and more to create drama and add light for safety.

LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Lights - All Blue OSRAM SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB LED Outdoor Lights #LIGHTIFY #IC #ad

Wash the area in color and highlight your foliage LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Lights - Coverage OSRAM SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB LED Outdoor Lights #LIGHTIFY #IC #ad

Gone is the dark and foreboding walkway and stairs – now they’re lighter and safer!

LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Lights - Walkway Lights OSRAM SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB LED Outdoor Lights #LIGHTIFY #IC #ad

We installed LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB/LED Outdoor Lighting set. Created by OSRAM SYLVANIA, it’s part of a complete line of lighting products and accessories for every room of the house. Their smart connected lighting products let you set the mood by changing your light in an instant. No longer will you have to choose between a cool or warm lightbulb, now you can have both! Plus green, purple, pink, and any color you can think of.

LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini Outdoor Lights - Installation #LIGHTIFY #IC #ad

OSRAM SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini RGB LED Outdoor Lighting Lights #LIGHTIFY #IC #ad

LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini Outdoor Lights Installation #LIGHTIFY #IC #ad

LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini Outdoor Lights Wiring #LIGHTIFY #IC #ad

LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini Outdoor Lights #LIGHTIFY #IC #ad

LIGHTIFY Gardenspot Mini Outdoor Light Installation - #LIGHTIFY #IC #ad


Installation was easy, and no tools were required. I did mix up one of the connections by managing to put it in backward, but when I plugged in the lights, and they didn’t turn on, there were just two connections to check. I found my error, and I was ready to put them into our landscape.

Learn More, Connect, & Buy the LIGHTIFY by OSRAM SYLVANIA – | Sylvania Facebook Page |Purchase at Amazon, Lowes and other national retailers.

The system works through a Smart Connected Lighting OSRAM LIGHTIFY Gateway (73692) that’s plugged into an outlet in our home and paired with our home’s WI-Fi to control the lights outside. The Gateway connected with the free app that can be downloaded to any compatible mobile device. Now I can turn the lights on/off, change their color, dim them and more from my smartphone anywhere in the world I can connect to my home. I can alter the colors for an event, holiday, or just for fun instantly or I can put the lights on a preset schedule. I can also group them with additional LIGHTIFY lights, so they work in tandem.


Up to 50 LIGHTIFY products can be paired on the same Gateway so we took advantage of this feature and installed an OSRAM LIGHTIFY Tunable bulb (9.5W LED Light 60 Watt Equivalent) which has an expected lifespan of 18.3 years (based on it being used 3 hours each day) and a yearly cost of $1.14. It upgraded our reading light by giving it new features – a dimmer, light temperature options, and scheduling.


We also installed a LIGHTIFY LED A19 Bulb. This smart connected light has the same features of the LIGHTIFY Turntable bulb, but it can also be changed to a rainbow of colors. It has preset lighting schemes that play a set sequence of colors like Fire which cycles through yellow, orange, and red and Ocean with blues and teals. There are some options you can change for these preset themes like how fast the colors cycle and how bright they are. There’s also a plant grow option where the light changes to a purple ultraviolet color, daylight to stimulate your brain, and much more.


I’ll be moving the LED bulb up to the playroom where it will become an integral part of our woodland theme. During the day, we’ll wash the walls with bright whites and yellows to add sunshine and at night blues to enhance the sky we’ve painted on the ceiling.

We also added the Sylvania 73795 LIGHTIFY Smart Connected Lighting LED Flexible Strip RGBW to our deck stairs. We’ve struggled with how to light them for years and these are the perfect solution. They’re easy to install, and they’re controlled by the same Gateway and app. These LED light strips are popular for using behind flatscreen TVs and in bookshelves, but for us, this adds style, function, and safety to our deck.


What’s to Love About the LIGHTIFY System

It’s an affordable smart lighting system, and because you can buy it in modules, it’s easily expandable. The amount and variety of products mean there’s one for almost any home decor need. Once the Gateway is paired with your home’s Wi-Fi, adding new lighting is a breeze and only takes a few minutes. I had trouble getting the Gateway to pair with my Wi-fi, so I searched the LIGHTIFY support website and found that if your Wi-fi already has a lot of things paired to it the Gateway needs to be factory reset. That worked perfectly for me.


Plus there are plenty of great features. For instance, if waking up is difficult for you, there’s a bulb that can schedule to a wake-up mode. The light will come on dimmed and slowly increase in brightness until it reaches an energizing bright daylight glow. Then at night, the nighttime mode gently dims the light over time to help your mind shut down and sleep peacefully.

What I’d love to See them Change About the LIGHTIFY System

I’d like to be able to control my lights online; currently, it’s accessible only through their mobile app. I’d also like to see the added functionality If This Then That (IFTTT) compatibility could bring. Using recipes would allow me to incorporate them more fully into my smart home. For instance, with IFTTT, I could have my lights turned on when I reach my neighborhood, so I come home to a lit house. Or when the SeaHawks are playing, I could have them change them to team colors. I could also have them react to the weather, time, or any other trigger I could create.

I would appreciate it if the app could be a little more user-friendly. It’s fine for techy people, but even I am confused by some of its features. Individuals who aren’t tech savvy, like my husband or mother, would be frustrated by the app and give up. In fact, I will be buying the LIGHTIFY Switch for the Turntable White in our living room because my husband will never use his smartphone to control it.

What area of your yard needs a little lighting enhancement?

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