Author: Connie Ott

5 Tips For Taking Care of an Incontinent Dog: Practical Parenting Advice – Giveaway! #PetcoDelivers

My sweet Pomeranian has been disabled for over a year. She has a neurological problem which has cut off her brain’s signal to her back legs. She can walk a short distance, but her front legs and back legs no longer work in unison. Once her back legs give out, and her bum hits the floor, she’s done because she can’t tell her legs how to lift herself.

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Family Snack Bar: Empower Kids to Make Healthy Choices

If you have kids, then the upcoming spring and summer breaks may have you worried. The never ending, “Mom (or Dad), can I have a snack?” starts almost the moment their feet hit the floor first thing in the morning. It’s replayed throughout the day repeatedly until they go to bed. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can give the power of choosing and serving snacks to your kids!

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infanttech smarttemp: The Smart Way to Take Your Child’s Temperature

When you’re a new parent, there’s nothing scarier than when your child is ill. The fear making a mistake or missing symptoms can make even the sanest mom or dad a little crazy. But Infanttech has made one of the most difficult parts of monitoring your child’s health so much easier with their new Smarttemp Bluetooth Thermometer. With it, there’s no need to take your child’s temperature manually!

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