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It’s National Streaming Day! It’s a day that celebrates the freedom that streaming has given to the viewing public. No longer do we have to watch what TV executives tell us to watch on a particular day and time, nor do we have to record the shows that are important to us. Now we can watch what we want when we want it!

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Family Movie Night: Inexpensive Ways to Make it Special #CVSSpringSnacking #CVS

Making family movie night fun not only saves you money compared to heading out to the movie theater, but it lets you make the experience your own. With the average home television set well over 32″ and many home theater systems now in the affordable category, it’s easier than ever to get the gang together for a movie and snacks. Plus you control the room temperature, who sits next to you, and you can pause the movie when you need a refreshment break! Plus, you can laugh, cry, or scream to your heart’s content and no one can shush you or tell you to turn off your cellphone.

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Tuberculous: Why You Need to Know the Risks

It’s nearly summer and no one wants to think about anything but the end of the school year and upcoming vacations. But before you slip into vacation mode there’s something you need to do. It’s time to get a TB Blood Test. Why? Because about 30% of the world’s population has Tuberculosis (TB) and with international travel so affordable, people are in constant motion, so an outbreak a world away can make its way to your neighborhood in a matter of hours.

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Doctor on Demand: Why and How to Complete an Online Visit #DoctorOnDemand @drondemand #ad #ic

Doctor on Demand is staffed with board-certified physicians in your state who are available via a video visit. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to see a doctor – in fact, on my last visit I was in my pj’s and sitting on the couch – it doesn’t get any easier! We all know that when you’re, sick the last thing you want do do is shower, get dressed, and drive to the Doctor’s office. Now you don’t have to!

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Retirement Doesn’t Have to Mean Hitting the Road in an RV #NoRV4Me #CORTatHome @CORTFurniture

We have lived in our “starter” home for 28 years. That number weighs on me. We didn’t start out to spend nearly three decades here, it just happened. I’ve always wanted to live in another state, but my husband’s job is not transferrable, so here we are until he retires. I’ve dreamed of the day when we’re free to move wherever we want, but where to?

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