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How to Prevent a Dryer Fire – Simple Things You Need To Do Now

Did you know that firefighters across the US respond to about 15,970 home fires caused by clothes dryers or washing machines each year? Of those, the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), reports that dryer fires are to blame for 13 fatalities, 444 injuries, and more than $238 million dollars in property damage annually.

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No Antibiotics Ever Chicken: Why It’s My Choice for My Family & Easy Tailgate Recipe

The problem of food animals being raised on antibiotics has been in the news quite a bit over the last few years. The information concerned me so much that I took some time to read the studies and information from trusted sources and it convinced me that it was time to make a change. That meant serving only antibiotic-free meat and poultry to my family.

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Minecraft Super League Play Seattle – Sign up NOW Plus Discount Code

Do you live in Seattle (or one of the other participating cities) and have a child who LOVES to play Minecraft? If you do, check out Seattle’s Super League team that starts playing this weekend! You can watch your child practice important skills like teamwork and strategy as he/she works to win the game! Plus, there are free team jerseys for the participants and lots of fun.

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Antibiotic-Free Meat: What’s It Mean & Where to Find it in the Grocery Store & Dining Out

Many people shop for food without considering where it comes from and how it’s grown. Often taste and price are the only things that factor into our buying decision. But lately, the issue of animals routinely being medicated with antibiotics has come to the forefront, and it’s starting to make many consumers aware of the results of this type of farming.

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The Perfect Makeup For Mature Skin Plus Application Tips

I’ve been talking quite a bit lately with my older women friends about makeup a lot lately. It seems that the products that I’ve used for years are no longer suited for me. Most particularly, anything that goes around or under my eyes. For instance,  my concealer and foundation are too drying for my already dry under eye area causing the dryness to become even more exaggerated – it’s not a pretty look!

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Get the FREE ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center App

It’s 3 am, and your dog is vomiting on your bed. You want to ignore his wretching, hoping your spouse will wake up and take care of it, but after another pile of puke lands near your head you jump out of bed. You’re faced with a pup that looks ill and is about to empty the rest of the contents of his stomach when you realize this doesn’t look or feel like an everyday stomach ache from him eating too much grass again.

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The writers at - Steve & Connie (the boomers), Alex & La the millennials with a 1-year old baby girl, and Brian and Mary Beth world travelers with a double income and no kids. Find out more ABOUT US here.

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