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Ugh, winter is almost upon us and that means flu season is here. My poor mom is actually suffering through a bout of flu-like symptoms right now and it fills me with equal parts sympathy and dread — I feel bad for her, and I’m simultaneously praying the flu bypasses my home this year.

The thought of being sick is never fun, but it’s even WORSE when a.) you have to watch your little kids suffer through or b.) the parents, who are in charge of work and child care and home management and everything else, are forced to take a sick day (or two or three) too — causing the entire household to come to a standstill.

Tips for Flu Season

In my house, we are trying to ramp up the hand-washing as much as possible — because, with a social preschooler who touches everything he sees, I’m sure some nasty germs will be riding home with him this year. I’ve got a new baby in the house, too, which makes me even more cautious. I have my handy organic hand sanitizer close by at all times, and I’ve taken to wiping down his hands as soon as we get to the car after preschool or a shopping trip. I also try to limit touching and kissing of the baby, especially on his hands and face. And, you can always get the flu shot.

This e-book by Elizabeth Pantley, “A Parent’s Guide to Flu Season,” is a great refresher course for any parent heading into flu season. It’s got lots of good information about the difference between colds and the flu, ways to prevent transmission, and facts about the disease — for example, did you know a child can spread flu germs around for a full DAY before they even start showing signs of illness? Yuck.

Check out this helpful Flu Prevention infographic for more tips on protecting your family:

Flu Prevention Tips for Parents Infographic

Here’s to a healthy winter season for you and your family! And don’t forget to wash your hands 😉