I received a digital download of The Moth in the Mirror to facilitate this review; all opinions are my own.

The Moth in the Mirror a Splintered Novella  - Kindle Edition

It’s no surprise that Alice in Wonderland is an all-time favorite story of mine so when I was approached again to review a new novella from A.G. Howard, the same author of Splintered, I was thrilled (read my Splintered review here).  Now in all honesty, it had been about a year since I read Splintered: Splintered Book One and I was more than curious about the wellbeing of the characters.  I downloaded the new novella and went to town hoping to learn more about Morpheus, Jeb, and of course Alissa.

The Moth in the Mirror is a look back at Splintered from two very different perspectives.  The novella is centered on Morpheus diving into Jeb’s memories from his time in Wonderland and it answers some questions that were previously left unknown.

I love that A.G. Howard is continuing the story by adding the novella and an upcoming sequel to Splintered titled Unhinged: Splintered Book Two.  I also love the characters that Howard developed and the dark spin on the classic Carroll story.  That being said I did have some challenges with The Moth in the Mirror (Splintered).  Since it’s been some time since I read Splintered, I was left scratching my head trying to remember the specific points in the story that Morpheus references.  I would have loved a little refresher before each memory to help me fill in the blanks.  I also had a little disconnect when trying to read the novella as each chapter recalled a different memory of Jeb’s.  These few memories that were ‘relived’ spanned the majority of Splintered which made the novella feel a bit choppy.   These are just two things I wish were in place to help make it a better reading experience for me personally.

Overall, I felt the Moth in the Mirror was a great addition to the Splintered family and I am very excited to dive back into the story with Unhinged.  It was also  a fantastic teaser that left me wanting to read more. If you’re a Splintered fan, please check out this great novella, it’s well worth the price of $1.99!

The Moth in the Mirror Details

  • E-book novella- $1.99 (it’s currently only available in e-reader format)
  • Publication Date: 10/22/2013
  • Author: A.G. Howard
  • Length: 40 pages
  • Read an excerpt

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