Scentsy Pink Pepper 2012 Scentrend

This year Scentsy is rolling out a new concept. They are inspiring users to create their own scents by combining classic scents with the new Pink Pepper bar.  What’s Pink Pepper?  It’s a mix of floral with sweet and spicy undertones and it transforms your normal scents by taking them to another level.

2012 ScenTrend Kit

2012 ScenTrend Kit

To help me with the Scentsy challenge, they sent me a 2012 ScenTrend Kit which included a new Fall/Winter collection warmer and twelve different scent bars to mix and match. I love my new Bandeau warmer. Its whimsically stacked saucers are pale green and they’re capped off by the nesting warmer dish. It gives off a nice soft glow and the color is fantastic. I fell in love with our new warmer and we instantly went to work combining and creating all sorts of new scents.

After some trial and error we found a perfect scent that works for our taste. My husband actually came up with the final combination by mixing one square of RU N2 Me with half of a square of Pink Pepper.  This creates a spicy combination of deep woods with cassis berries.  It’s soothing and warm with lots of charm. I’m a fan for sure!

What does Pink Pepper smell like?

Buy Scentsy

Looking for a place to buy Scentsy?  It’s sold through a distributorship program so check out their website to find your local representative.  Through Scentsy you can buy tons of different warmers in multiple sizes as well as a fantastic selection of scents.  I’m a huge fan of Scentsy because their warmers are beautiful, their scents are amazing and they are flameless. A perfect combination of form and function in my mind!

Win a Scentsy Pack

Are you a scent mixologist? Help us come up with a name for our new concoction for a chance to win your very own warmer along with a recipe card for my new scent as well as the scent bars so you can recreate my favorite new smell (arv $45).

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