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Purchasing art for a home can be overwhelming, stressful, and expensive, which is why I have quite a few blank walls in my home. Trying to find quality art work that is affordable is tricky. After converting our office this year into a guest room/office combo with the arrival of our first child, we gave up on creating an inviting room for our out-of-town relatives and friends to stay and focused more on creating a room with space for people to actually sleep. Art work was the least of our concerns.

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I got the opportunity to check out the SwitchArt Magnetic Prints from AllPosters. Perhaps this was a solution to our problem. The SwitchArtTM process is easy.  First choose a frame – there are  currently 3 colors (black, white, and pecan) and three sizes  (32″ x 24″, 24″ x 18″, and 16″ x 12″) available in the system. Next pick your favorite print(s) from the thousands that are available. You can choose one print, several, or take advantage of their 10% discount for a set (one frame and two posters starting at $79.99).  That’s it!

When your frame and print(s) arrive,  instead of having to remove the backing from the frame to add or change art like most conventional frames, on this frame the art is applied on the front by rolling up the print, matching the top corners of the print to the frame, and then unrolling the print into place. It’s that easy! No tools, no prongs to force, no manhandling of the frame, and no glass! Now you have one frame (usually the most expensive part of hanging wall art) and as many prints as you choose!

It also means hanging a frame once and then just changing out just the magnetic print! You can change by season, for special events, when you redecorate, or whenever the mood strikes. This system would also be perfect in a child’s room – it would grow with them as prints are swapped out as interests change.

SwitchArt Magnetic Prints – My Experience

I was thrilled when I found a set of prints that matched perfectly with the red, orange, and poppy floral print. One of the two pictures matched perfectly with the same pattern while the other picture was a beautiful blue color with similar looking flowers. This picture was exactly what I was looking for to add to the vacant wall space.

SwitchArt Magnetic Prints and Frames from AllPosters -ad

The quality of the art isn’t lost in the process. The colors are still vibrant and sharp. They’re less like canvas and more like large refrigerator magnets so I did have some concerns when I fist opened them. Once in place on the frame, no one is aware of this art piece’s unique nature.

I love that you can choose to switch out the prints to either change the feeling in a room, coordinate with a color scheme, switch to fit with a new season, or just make a change because you feel like it. The SwitchArt Magnetic Prints options from AllPosters make decorating for any room fun, possible, and affordable knowing you get not just one picture, but two or more!

What room in your house is calling out for some SwitchArt?