Garbage to most of us is just a nusiance we have to deal with – fill the bag, take out the trash, fill another bag, then take it to the curb on pick-up day.  Rarely do we think beyond those terms; that is unless a bag breaks or leaks and then there’s a whole new set of problems to deal with. But luckily, there are some really creative people who look at trash as art and Glad has partneres with once such artist to present the Glad Black Bag Art Auction.

Jason Mecier Original "Wild Life" Duck Artwork presented by GLAD Black Bag Proceeds benefit Keep America Beautiful

My Jason Mecier Original "Wild Life" Duck Artwork presented by GLAD Black Bag Proceeds benefit Keep America Beautiful

Mosaic artist Jason Mecier was tapped to create four pieces of upcycled art with the assistance and support of the Picker Sisters and the Keep America Beautiful campaign.  His task was to create works of art from trash recycled from Hollywood celebrities like Amy Smart (actor), Jesse Eisenberg (actor), Lauren Conrad (reality tv), Emmanuelle Chriqui (actor), Nick Offerman (actor), Ed Begley, Jr. (actor and environmentalist), Megan Mullally (actor), Chelsie Hightower (dancer), and Nathan Kress (actor).

Mecier took on the challenge and created four amazing pieces of art that I would love to own.  The overall aesthetic is eclectic, colorful, and natural and when you look up close at the details you can’t help but love the amazing the colors and  textures of the trash.  The four pieces of mosaic art are up for bid on eBay with a starting bid of $100. Proceeds from the auction will go to the Keep America Beautiful campaign.

While you’re checking out the auctions on eBay, check out the Glad Black Bag fun spoof video and a time-lapse video of Mecier creating one of the signature pieces – he’s pretty amazing with bins of sorted garbage and a glue gun!  Show the video to your kids – maybe they’ll be inspired to make their own upcycled art!  Plus download Tips to Transform Trash to Treasure from the Picker SistersTracy Hutson and Tanya McQueen – for more ways to use discarded items.

The Glad Black Bag Art Auction runs from April 16 to the 26, 2012 with the proceeds from the sale of the four special pieces benefiting Keep America Beautiful in its mission to promot individual responsibility in improving community environments.

So, the next time life gets a little wild and something get broken or trashed, consider ways to re-purpose it into something new.  But for those times when trashing it is your only option, consider the Glad® ForceFlex® Black Bag – it can handle whatever you throw into it and it’ll stretch to accomodate your biggest, junkiest mess without ripping or tearing.  They’re available in 30- and 33-gallon sizes – perfect for you home or yard waste use.

Glad Black Bag Auction