Visit the BFI website for more informationI believe strongly in supporting charities and I try to highlight some of the best here on my blog.  By the best I mean ones that are doing good work and ones that have a healthy portion of donations going directly to the needs and not to the overhead.  It’s shocking to me the enormous salaries some heads of charities are bringing home. I personally choose to support ones that provide a minimum of 95% to the need and so I’m happy to support Bright Future International (BFI).  They assure me 100% of the donated monies go to their organizations and initiatives in areas that need it most – currently Kenya, Russia, and Burundi.

The current outreach is for BFI’s partner organizations:

  • CHABHA is located in Burundi.  They’re an organization that supports children and young adults, many who are are affected by HIV/AIDS.
  • BFI Children’s Studio in Russia – An after-school program located in Chelebynsk for children in poverty stricken areas, many from broken homes. Services provided by a local organization.
  • Heshima Kenya – to protect and educate orphans and refugee children and youth by providing a safe house in Kenya with the goal of empowering them to live healthy and happy lives.

Which one speaks to me?  The Kenya project.  I’ve donated to several different charities doing work there and I feel like right now that’s the best place for my money.

So who is BFI?

Bright Future International is a charitable organization supporting disadvantaged youngsters and helping them to obtain a better future through the promotion of values such as self-esteem, compassion, hope, and the motivation to support others. They are able to do this through joint ventures  with community and global organizations as partners and they’re dedicated to funding social and educational programs for kids all over the world.

Want to help?

The easiest way is to “like” the BFI Facebook Pagefor every new “like” a $1 donation will be initiated to the cause.  After you’re there take a moment to read the stories from the recipients and donate if you feel compelled.  It’s easy, feels good, and helps some people live a better, healthier, and fuller life and how fabulous is that!

Bright Future International Social Media Links

  • Learn About the Program
  • Bright Future International website
  • BFI Facebook Page (click on “Fundraiser”from the links on the left to read more about the Burundi, Kenya and Russia initiatives)
  • BFI “A Merry Christmas Video”
  • Bright Future International Twitter Page
  • Website
  • Heshima Kenya website

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