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Crochet How To: Enlarging Patterns – Free Kids Afghan Pattern

Crochet How To: Increase the Size of the Pattern

Free Caron One Pounder Crochet Baby Blanket Pattern plus alternatives I fell in love with this free baby blanket crochet pattern from Caron International (link updated 10/6/14). I love their soft yarn and I loved the unique cross-over pattern on this blanket, but I wanted something larger. Making a pattern larger can be done in several ways. You can use bulkier yarn, a larger hook, or add more stitches or rows. I did a combination of all three to get the desired size.

Crochet How To: Sizing Up A Baby Blanket Pattern

I wanted a lap size blanket (about 2/3 the size of a twin afghan) for someone in a hospital bed. I went with colors that remind me of spring and I made it to appeal to teens, tweens, and adults. I call it “Pansy” because of the purples, blues, yellow, white, and greens all layered together.  Don’t let the spring colors fool you, this is a heavy blanket and it’s a yarn eater!

I used a mixture of yarns and did a repeating pattern on those extra rows to make it more interesting. As long as you do them in double rows, your pattern will work out fine. For example, the base row is a single crochet followed by a double crochet that crosses back over the stitches you just made. That’s a repeat. As long as you change colors AFTER a complete repeat, it’ll look fabulous.

Crochet How To Enlarge a Pattern and Color Ideas - Free  Blanket Pattern

My Crocheted Blanket Pattern:

Pattern in Repeats (2 = 1 single crochet row and one double crochet with cross over pattern): (1) Spearmint, (1) White, (1) Watercolor, (1) White, (6) Spearmint, (1) Watercolor, (1) Spearmint, (16) Lavender, (1) Spearmint, (1) Watercolor, (6) Spearmint, (1) White, (1) Watercolor, (1) Spearmint.

I also finished off with a half double crochet border for a simple look and to tie together the the lavender vertical stripe going down the middle. By changing the number of rows, I got some great variations on the colors.

I chained 139 with an H crochet hook which with the thicker yarn, gave me a finished size of about 85 inches x 95 inches, so it’s on the square side which is perfect.

Free Spring Crochet Afghan Pattern

Half Double Crochet edging gives it a polished look.

Yarn Used in this Crochet Project:

To make this a twin size, you’ll need 3 additional deep purple skeins and make the center larger or 2 green and 1 purple and increase the sizes accordingly.

Free Spring Blanket Crochet Pattern

Crochet How To: What I’ll do differently next time

I still love the variegated multi-colored yarn, but it gets lost in this project. Next time I’ll do a different stitch for the rows that use the multi-colored yarn to make them shine. The cross over pattern makes a great background for some fancier stitches. This is one sturdy blanket!

My Must-Have Crochet Tools



  1. I am trying to find the pattern for the afghan listed above and cannot find it. Is this pattern still available and if so where can I get the pattern?

    • They recently redesigned their site. I’ve updated the link on the post to reflect it’s new location. Thanks for letting me know & enjoy!

  2. How can I download the free patterns?

    • Follow the links to the patterns and print them from their original source. Enjoy!

  3. Hi! This is a gorgeous blanket!
    I am checking your pattern and am wondering if you either missed some rows of watercolor on your directions or you have listed too much watercolor on your list. As written on the directions, you say to use 16 rows of the lavender, 16 of spearmint, 3 of white, and only FOUR of the watercolor. This seems to me to be a mistake, as your list of yarn to purchase includes a Super Saver skein/ball of watercolor and two skeins/balls of spearmint and lavender. Help! If the directions are correct as written, I can imagine how the watercolor would “disappear”.
    Respectfully, Mary

    • Hey Mary,

      You’ll only need a portion of the Watercolor but it requires purchasing a whole skein. It is just 4 rows, but of course you can make them any even number you like. Since variegated is more expensive than a solid color, I just wanted to use less of the Watercolor. It does blend into the spearmint and lavender when the colors in the variegated match up. If I ever make it again, I’ll use a color that coordinates but isn’t in the varigated to set it off better.

      I hope that answers your question. Have fun!


  4. I really like the size of blanket that you were going for on this piece, which looks great by the way! As one who spends time in a hospital bed or infusion bed every month, I can tell you that the right size blanket is hard to find. I hate to carry a twin with me, too big and bulk, a throw, too small. I will be trying this one and I love this stitch. So much prettier than just row after row of dc. Do you have a tutorial, that I perhaps just cannot find, on how to weave in the ends? Thanks!

    • Hey Robin,
      So sorry to hear about your health issues. The tutorial is linked in the post and as for weaving ends, I’ve found that using a needled and threading them that way is more permanent. When I just crochet over them they look terrible and pull out too easily.


  5. I wish I could crochet, my grandma tried to teach me how to do this but I could never catch on. It seems like crocheting would be a relaxing hobby though.

    • There are so many DIY video – it makes it so easy! Crocheting is so very, very relaxing.

  6. I wish I knew more how to crochet and Im not sure if Id be able to. However I love all of your tips especially on how to make the blanket look bigger without having to do too much! This a great gift for anyone!

    • It’s so easy! Check out some of the online tutorials, especially the videos. I promise, if I can do it anyone can!

  7. This is so nice – I think I’ll make one for my Mom – she’s always cold. When the rest of us are using air conditioners, she has a heavy sweater on and sleeps under a winter quilt! She can wrap this around her when she’s watching TV. (I doubt my stitches will come out as even as yours, though!!!!!)

  8. You do such beautiful work. I wish I had your talent…. :)

    • You’re so very sweet – thank you!

  9. What a pretty blanket! I love the crossover stitch. I’m terrible at following complicated patterns, but this one seems simple enough even for me, and it provides a nice texture. Thanks for posting this.

    • This one is so easy! I’m working on a new one now that’s even easier though – it crosses every stitch. I can’t wait to show it to you!

  10. I can crochet this baby blanket. It is very easy. I like to make this for my sister’s baby. Nothing like a homemade baby blanket to have for years to come.

    • Ah, what a fabulous gift it would make! I’m working on a baby blanket now in hopes one of my two nieces has a baby this year.

  11. That makes a lovely blanket. Thanks for the info on enlarging the size of the blanket.

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