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Sustainability Blues: Addressing The Water Crisis #FurtherWithFord #FordGreen

The water crisis is a huge problem that I’ve written about in the past. There are a myriad of complex issues at work, from pollution to communities lacking access to water. In order to create meaningful change, we’re going to have to restructure the way our corporations operate and what we consume. Ford Motor Company laid out the ways it is instigating this kind of change within its own company, detailing this in the “Sustainability Blues” panel at the 2014 Go Further with Ford Trends Conference.

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Fashion is Ubiquitous: Kenneth Cole Speaks #FurtherWithFord

One of the neat things about the 2014 Go Further with Ford Trends Conference is the fact that they bring out a diverse array of speakers to give their insights on business, technology, and what consumers want. One such speaker was none other than fashion icon Kenneth Cole, who took the stage with innovation expert Clayton Christensen to share insights and anecdotes.

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