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Laundry Room Quotes and How Life’s Transitions are Revealed In Laundry

I was shopping on Zulily today, something I seem to do almost every day, and I came across several wall stencils for a laundry room and I realized they are about the truest quotes I’ve ever read. They’re versions of something I’ve said to myself many times over the years and close to the advice I try to give parents when they lament about the piles of laundry that come with each new child. Mine was always, “When the laundry is gone; it means they’re gone.”

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Miranda Hart Quotes: Loving and Laughing At Yourself

Miranda Hart is a UK actress and comedian and the star of the show, “Miranda.” She’s not petite (she’s over six feet tall), nor is she a conventional Hollywood beauty (meaning she’s average looking) and she’s OK with that. Perhaps that’s why I binge watched every season of her show because I can relate. Her simple rules to life are to be nice to each other and have fun, and I admire that.

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Quotes about Babies, Kids, and Grandmothers

We’re counting down the weeks until my husband and I become first-time grandparents and our son and daughter-in-law welcome their little girl. It’s been a long 9 months of waiting and preparing for this little one to take over our lives – we can’t wait! To celebrate her upcoming arrival I pulled together some fun quotes about babies, parenting, being a new parent, and even a few about grandmas!

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Dog Quotes: Because They Mean Everything To Us

Dogs. There’s a huge part of my everyday life. They keep me company, they’re my co-workers, my confidants, and my joy. We lost our Brittany, Blaze, two years ago this week and now we’re losing his little sister, my Pomeranian named Jewel. In their honor, I’m sharing some of my favorite dog quotes.

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