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Vera Wang Embrace Marigold and Gardenia Fragrance

Since finding out, I was pregnant a year ago and joining the beautiful world of motherhood; I`ve noticed that pampering myself is one of those things that has gone by the wayside. The excuses I use always have to do with there never being enough time or I don`t want to spend the money for something temporary like a manicure or facial. But, spending time and effort on yourself is just as important as the time and effort spent on your family.

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infanttech smarttemp: The Smart Way to Take Your Child’s Temperature

When you’re a new parent, there’s nothing scarier than when your child is ill. The fear making a mistake or missing symptoms can make even the sanest mom or dad a little crazy. But Infanttech has made one of the most difficult parts of monitoring your child’s health so much easier with their new Smarttemp Bluetooth Thermometer. With it, there’s no need to take your child’s temperature manually!

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