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Fun Easter Basket Crochet Patterns – Free & Paid

Nothing says Easter like blooming tulips and daffodils and kids in their dress-up clothes scouring the yard for surprises! Egg Hunts are a special event that will be cherished long after childhood, so make the Easter Basket your child remembers something special!

These Easter Baskets crochet up quickly and most can be ready to fill with treats in just a few hours!

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Paid and Free Crochet Patterns for 18-inch Dolls Like the American Girl Doll UPDATED FOR 2021

Making doll outfits for your favorite child and her best friend is easy with these adorable crochet patterns. Many are free and others are available for a small fee. Please bookmark this site – we’ll be adding additional 18″ crochet patterns here in the future so they’re easy to find when you’re ready to start working on the doll wardrobe!

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Free Crochet Hat Pattern Plus How to Account for Yarn Changes

I often find free crochet patterns that I love, but which call for yarn I don’t have on hand. When I have a few minutes to crochet, I want to do it immediately, there’s no time for shopping so I need to find a pattern that works for the yarn, or make the yarn I have work for the pattern. That’s exactly what I did when I discovered the free Beth Hat crochet pattern by Amanda Saladin.

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Weekend Crochet Projects: Quick & Easy Patterns

I have so many crochet projects going and sometimes it feels overwhelming. When that happens, instead of sitting down and finishing one, I start a new project, but one I’m guaranteed to complete because they’re weekend crochet projects! They are usually simple designs or ones that use a big hook or chunky yarn. These two things work together to let you truly accomplish a crochet project in just a few hours.

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30+ FREE Animal Hat Crochet Patterns – Ready to Make Some Smiles?

Crochet one or a whole barnyard full of these fun animal hats for kids. Make enough for the classroom, sleepover, or birthday party attendees and they’ll take home a fun gift they can play with and wear instead of a plastic bag full of cheap plastic toys and candy. A Ladybug themed party with hats would be adorable! Kids love these character hats for dress-up as well as for keeping them warm during winter, spring, and fall. You can even make these for summer, just switch to a cotton thread and larger hook for a more airy and cool version.

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