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20 Red Dresses You Can Customize – Standard and Plus Sizes

A red dress is perfect for the holidays, but it’s also a dress you’ll be able to wear year round. What makes these 40 dresses special is they’re custom made-to-order without the usual high-ticket prices. You can customize most of them by changing the sleeve, neckline, length and more. You can begin with their standard sizes or provide your measurements for a custom fit.

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Pelcor Tote: A Luxury Bag Made from Sustainable Cork

I don’t know about you, but there’s a time to get organized and it’s not five minutes before I leave my house. I’m running around trying to gather my essentials for a day out and I’m just getting in the car when I realize I’ve forgotten something. My wallet, my keys, on any given day it could be anything and it’s on days like those when I realize how crucial it is to have a good bag.

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Soufeel Charm Bracelet – Discounted Sterling Silver Charms

I’m a sucker for making memories. Taking pictures, making albums, journaling about special events, etc. I love doing each of them in the spirit of capturing and later, remembering, the events that took place. Birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holidays; there isn’t a special occasion that goes without being marked with a special token or memento. I love being able to look back on special occasions and have something tangible to remind me of how wonderful it was. Memories tend to fade, but I have found that keeping records and mementos have helped to keep them fresh.

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Coolibar Tropicana Sun Hat – A Stylish Way to Prevent Skin Cancer

It’s more important than ever to keep my face from the sun. With a family history of skin cancer and aging skin that can’t work as hard as it used to, to repair the damage I do to it, I need the extra protection of a hat. Sure, a sunscreen is a great idea, but sometimes I want just to run outside for an hour or so, and I don’t want to take the time to put on anything except a hat. But I want that hat to be cute and flattering so that I’ll want to wear it.

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Jumpsuits – Our Picks for Summer’s Newest Fashion Trend

I’ve only worn one jumpsuit in my life. It was a costume for a play my junior year of high school. It was the 70’s and jumpsuits were the trend, but at 5’10”, there wasn’t an off-the-rack version that would ever fit me. While my version was a pale pink which I swear made it see-through under the lights, I did love the comfort and ease of wearing it. For you lucky girls under 5’7″, there are plenty of options and they’re back in the spotlight for summer in all colors, shapes, and patterns. Here are our favorites.

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Bing Bong: “Inside Out” Fan Favorite? New Products & Collectibles

I’ve been reading social media posts over the last few days ever since the Disney * Pixar’s INSIDE OUT movie was released in theaters. It’s pretty easy to see that the standout character so far is Bing Bong. He’s the imaginary friend Riley tucked away into her memory when she out grew him. But when Sadness and Joy get lost in long term memory, they find Bing Bong, and he becomes a major player in saving Riley.

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INSIDE OUT Apparel for Kids – T-shirts, Backpacks, Socks & More

I was fortunate to attend the Disney | Pixar premier of their newest animated film, INSIDE OUT. I loved the film and I think it’s going to be a huge hit! I got a chance to see some of the products Disney and Pixar have approved to support the film and I’ll be sharing those with you soon, in the meantime, I’ve done some searching to see what’s available now in children’s apparel and have picked what I think the must-have INSIDE OUT clothes for summer.

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Hip Watches for Busy Parents On The Go: #JordWatch

After a long hiatus, I’ve recently started wearing a watch again. For a while I just used my phone as my main timepiece, but every time I checked the clock I was tempted to log on to Instagram or another time-wasting app — plus, sometimes (like on an airplane or in a meeting) it’s just a lot smoother to check the time on your wrist instead of your phone, you know?

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