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11 Valentine’s Day Cupcake Recipes to Bake for Your Sweetheart

When you think of Valentine’s Day you usually think about chocolates. While I do love chocolate, I also love baked goods! When I started to see Valentine’s Day cupcakes online, I knew I had to investigate further and see what delicious combinations I could find. Here are 11 Valentine’s Day cupcakes you can enjoy with your sweetheart this year! Which one will you be eating?

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Simple Valentine Crafts For Kids

I LOVE Valentine’s Day! All the hearts, pretty pinks and reds, the excuse to shower love upon my friends and family — I love it all! (Pun intended.) I’ve been tracking down lots of activities for my preschooler and I to do together and it’s been so much fun to teach him about Valentine’s Day. Here are a couple of the projects we’ve enjoyed — hope you can try them with the little ones in your life too!

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Valentine’s Day Gifts for Children: 5 Valentine Books for Ages 4 to 14

When my kids were little we tried to limit the amount of candy we gave them for any holiday to the amount we’d let them eat that day. That alleviated a lot of “can I have this” requests. But this also meant we had to get creative, because the last thing we wanted was a house full of junk toys (which in the end happened because of all the birthday party “favors”, but that’s a post for another day).

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