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Candy Corn Treats: Fun Fall Recipes

Fall is here, and that means playing in the leaves, dressing up for Halloween and stuffing ourselves at Thanksgiving. At this time of year, candy is plentiful and always seems to be around. It happens every year; we buy bags and bags of candy, and most of it ends up showing on my waistline.

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Halloween Candy: Better For You Options

Halloween is right around the corner, and that means one thing: kids are dreaming of Halloween candy. Ha! At my house, we’re steering the conversation more toward costumes and spooky decorations, but I know the candy subject will come up soon. If you’re like me and not quite looking forward to an insane sugar high come October 31, never fear — here are some guilt-free ways to keep trick or treating fun this year.

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Wizard of Oz Costume: Fun Family and Group Costumes

The Wizard of Oz film is one that’s been loved by generations, so it’s no surprise that decades after the movie debuted in theaters, it’s still popular. Halloween is a great time to dress up as one of your favorite WOZ characters from Dorothy to the Tin Man and even the Mayor of Munchkin Land, you can find them all in sizes from children to adults and even pets.

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10 Pumpkin-shaped Treats – Perfect for Fall

As kids start going back to school, my thoughts turn to to the fall. Although I don’t want the cold weather to come back, I do enjoy finding (and making) fun, new fall recipes. Today I want to share my latest finds: pumpkin-shaped treats. These cute treat ideas can be used during all of the fall months and are perfect for Halloween and Thanksgiving. You are bound to find at least one of these treats you want to make this fall!

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Group Halloween Costumes: The Addams Family

The Addams family was classic 60’s TV fare. The eccentric family headed by Gomez who was madly in love with his wife Morticia. They lived with their children, Puglsey and Wednesday Friday, plus Uncle Fester, Grandma Addams, Cousin Itt, Lurch, and Thing T Thing in a house that was more campy than creepy. These characters are so well loved that they’ve been brought back in remakes, though none are as fabulous as the original.

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