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Summer Heat and Mobile Devices – 6 Tips to Keep it Cool, Charged & Ready

We’re not used to these record-setting temperatures we’re experiencing here in the Pacific Northwest. We’ve had a two-day reprieve to the scorching temperatures, but forecasts show us heading back up into the mid-90’s again. We’re used to average daytime temperatures in the high seventies, so we’re not prepared when the mercury rises well above that mark.

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7 Things To Do On The Olympic Peninsula With Kids

We just got back from a weekend campout on the Olympic Peninsula, the western area of Washington full of rain forests, coastlines and Twilight fan gatherings. (The famous Twilight books are set in the town of Forks, a tiny town along Highway 101 — and yes we had to drive through to check it out!) Here are a few of the must-see places to go if you’re planning a trip with kids.

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I and love and you – Weird Name, Great Dog Treats

I admit it. I spoil my dogs. Not just because they’re adorable and deserve it, but also because feeding them well has kept them healthy and happy, until now. My older Pomeranian is experiencing health issues for the first time in her life. At almost 10 years old, prior to this she’s only been to the vet for shots and routine check-ups.

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