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Top 10 Trailer Safety Tips from the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office

It’s summer and the time when many people pull their boat or RV out for the first time of the season. But before you take that recreational vehicle on the road, you need to make sure it’s roadworthy!  According to the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office, here are the ten things you need to do before you take off for that next camping or boating adventure.

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Decorate with Light! Create an Easy Rustic DIY Hanging Lamp From Craft Supplies

My wife has had a lot of health issues over the last twelve months because of her Multiple Sclerosis. She’s not able to do a lot of the things she used to enjoy because it’s affecting her eyesight and her hands. So when she told me she wanted to make a DIY hanging lamp to hang over the crib we keep for our granddaughter, I admit, I immediately thought the worst. I envisioned having to rush her to the hospital after she accidentally sawed off a finger or worse. So to keep my sanity, I insisted on doing it for her. Granted, I imagined it’d take an hour of my time and the use of some of my power tools. Boy, was I wrong.

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Spray Nine Challenge vs 1982 Datsun 4×4 King Cab Pickup

I drive a 1982 Datsun 4×4 King Cab Pickup.  Who knew that when I drove my new truck off the car lot that day in 1981, that I’d still be driving it 34 years later, I sure didn’t. It was the truck of my 23-year old dreams, I was single and spent a lot of time hunting, fishing, and camping.

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Winter Driving is Dangerous: Check Your Tire Tread

Have you had enough of winter yet? While we’re having another mild winter. In fact, the weather has been so fair that I haven’t even bothered to have our studded tires mounted. But I know many of you are dealing with snow and ice, and I hope that you’re doing the one thing that matters most in winter driving, and that’s running on good quality tires.

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Quaker Breakfast Shakes – Take It On the Road! #QuakerShakes

I work two jobs and I never seem to have time for breakfast. Connie often fills the freezer with breakfast sandwiches I can heat and eat, but her schedule is so busy that sometimes the freezer is empty. In the past I’d just drive through the nearest fast food restaurant, but that’s gotten to be too expensive, so I’ve started trying breakfast bars or shakes.

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Gold Bond No Mess Powder Spray – My Experience

I’ve been a firefighter for over 30 years. It’s a repetitive job and it’s wet. Combine the two and you’ll get chaffing and there’s no time for pain when you’re on the job. Most of the guys use anti-friction powders, wicking underwear, and more to try to keep them comfortable. I think we’re all always on the search for the next thing that will provide some relief.

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Wagner FLEXiO 570 Paint Sprayer – Painting Made Easy

When my wife told me I would be getting a paint sprayer from Wagner to try out, she was disappointed when I wasn’t excited. I’m in the middle of painting our house and she thought it’d make it easier. What she didn’t know is that we already own a paint sprayer and I chose not to use it because it splats paint out which requires me shutting down the sprayer, cleaning the nozzle, and brushing out the paint mess it created.

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