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Pelcor Tote: A Luxury Bag Made from Sustainable Cork

I don’t know about you, but there’s a time to get organized and it’s not five minutes before I leave my house. I’m running around trying to gather my essentials for a day out and I’m just getting in the car when I realize I’ve forgotten something. My wallet, my keys, on any given day it could be anything and it’s on days like those when I realize how crucial it is to have a good bag.

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Seattle Paramount: Dirty Dancing – The Classic Story on Stage & Theatre Accessibility

I am a caretaker and Sabra, the woman I work with, and I are both huge fans of musical theater. We’re always looking at the future show announcements and picking the ones we may want to see while they are in town. So it was no surprise that Sabra really wanted to see Dirty Dancing while it is here at the Paramount from January 20 – February 1st.

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Verizon NFL Experience: Touchdown City, CenturyLink Field

If you live in Washington state then you know Seahawks game day is a time to show your Hawks pride by wearing your green and blue and either partake in game day festivities at home or if you’re lucky enough to have tickets to a game this season, tailgating at the Clinq. My husband Alex and I got the opportunity to experience a home game in person on November 9th when the Hawks took on the New York Giants.

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Book Riot Quarterly Subscription Box Review

I have always loved to read. While other kids would stay up past their bedtimes secretly playing with their toys, I would pull out my flashlight and book from underneath my pillow and read until my eyes couldn’t stay open any longer. In fact I still do that except now I use a book light and I don’t have to do it in secret.

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Petmate Helps Welcome Our Newest Family Member – Ellie!

We’ve added to our family! We rescued our new dog, Ellie, through the National Brittany Rescue & Adoption Network (NBRAN) in April. They used a network of amazing volunteers to transport her from her foster home in Colorado, to her new home here in Washington State. She’s an 18-month old Brittany/Cattle Dog mix and the perfect companion for her new brother, Roo.

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The writers at - Steve & Connie (the boomers), Alex & La the millennials with a 1-year old baby girl, and Brian and Mary Beth world travelers with a double income and no kids. Find out more ABOUT US here.

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