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Insights from Anna Oginsky, author of “My New Friend, Grief”

I remember the first time someone said to me, “It goes so fast,” when my oldest son, James, was a newborn. I didn’t believe them. I wondered how fast it could possibly go? At that point, the days and nights were blurring together as one, long, exhausting stretch of time. It seemed like I would never have a good night’s sleep again. We eventually added a second son and then a daughter, and now James is a freshman in high school. It went by so fast.

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Potty Training Pro Shares Her Tips and Dispells Common Myths

Potty Training can be a very stressful and confusing time for a family. It’s been over 25 years since I’ve had to go through the process, so I asked Lynn Ell Tilker, to help us breakdown potty training protocol and answer your most frequently asked questions. She’s a potty training pro, and creator of the new eco-friendly Potty Training System BottomZz Up.

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The Boy with a Bamboo Heart: The Story of a Street Orphan Who Built a Children’s Charity

Mandatory retirement does not accord with every person’s soul. It did not with Dr. Amporn Wathanavong’s. He was not accustomed to stillness. His life had been full of errant breezes. Like bamboo, he had become used to the wind’s force. He had learned that at times he had to bend all the way down to avoid snapping. Still, he had always found his way back to the center.

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Tummy Time: Surprising Key to Helping Babies Meet Milestones

We constantly hear how a good workout is vital to our health. The list of benefits is long and impressive: increased energy, heart health, muscle gain, and weight loss. It turns out that babies need to work out too. A good tummy time workout helps build muscle, develop gross motor skills and increase eye coordination to name just a few of the many benefits. But unlike us who only have ourselves to blame for not working out, babies rely on their parents to help them get the exercise that they need.

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Adorable Holiday Gifts at Aurora World Toys

With the holidays next week, I am always on the lookout for cute new toys to fill up stockings and put under the tree from Santa! When searching for gift ideas, I like to try to steer away from the typical name brand toys we all tend to go for. I love supporting toy companies that encompass uniqueness, quality, learning, and creativity in their selection. When I heard about Aurora World Toys, I was excited to see what cool products they offer for this special holiday season.

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Holiday Gift Idea: Book Subscriptions by GiftLit

I’ve got a gift idea for you this holiday season, and you can give it to any person on your list! Really. A book subscription from GiftLit is the perfect thing for little ones, teens, men, women — everyone. And, since it’s a subscription, it’s a gift that will continue to surprise and delight them for months to come.

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The writers at - Steve & Connie (the boomers), Alex & La the millennials with a 1-year old baby girl, and Brian and Mary Beth world travelers with a double income and no kids. Find out more ABOUT US here.

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