Author: Beeb Ashcroft

“Super-Fan Builds” Designed a Voltron Lion Bike! #Voltron #DreamWorks

Back in June, I told you about my trip to DreamWorks Animation Studios to go behind-the-scenes of Voltron: Legendary Defender. Fans can look forward to a second season coming later this year – and one lucky Voltron super-fan can also look forward to cruising the neighborhood in style after receiving an amazing pair of custom Voltron Lion Bikes on Super-Fan Builds!

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Getting an Art Lesson at DreamWorks Animation Studios #DreamWorks

It’s not every day that you get an art lesson from a DreamWorks animator, but that’s exactly what happened during my visit to the DreamWorks Animation Studios campus. During my trip, I was able to meet the Supervising Producer of Home Adventures With Tip & Oh, Blake Lemons, who talked about the animation process on the show and gave us a crash course on creating our very own Boov!

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Shake Your Boov Thing! Home Adventures With Tip & Oh #DreamWorks

One of the first things that stood out to me while watching Home Adventures With Tip & Oh was the great original pop music in the show. And it’s no surprise, since all of the music in Home is composed by Alex Geringas and performed by Rachel Crow, who is a talented singer and X Factor finalist in addition to being an actress. During my trip to DreamWorks Animation Studios, I had the opportunity to step into the studio with Geringas and Crow to learn about the process of recording music for the show.

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Make Yourself at Home With Tip & Oh! #DreamWorks

During my visit to DreamWorks Animation Studios, I had the opportunity to go behind-the-scenes and get a special sneak peek at Home Adventures With Tip & Oh, a new series hitting Netflix this Friday, July 29th. Picking up where the popular movie left off, Home follows the life of teen girl Tip (Voiced by Rachel Crow) and her alien BFF, Oh (Voiced by Mark Whitten).

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Having Fun With The Cast of Voltron #Voltron #DreamWorks

Visiting DreamWorks Animation Studios made me feel like a kid again. From watching Voltron: Legendary Defender on the big screen to getting the chance to record my own cartoon voiceover, I couldn’t have asked for a more enjoyable afternoon. The playful atmosphere at DreamWorks is infectious, and when I sat down for a roundtable Q&A with the Voltron voice cast, it immediately became one of the most entertaining interviews I’ve had the pleasure of conducting!

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