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2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid Limited Test Drive: A Luxury Ride

When you drive a 1995 van it’s easy to be impressed by the style and features of a new car. But with the 2015 Toyota Highlander Hybrid it’s a chance to experience pure luxury on the road. We were loaned this beautiful vehicle to make the trip from our home near Seattle, Washington, across the Snoqualmie and Blewitt passes to Wenatchee, Washington.

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Tred Test Drive: Seattle Start-up Brings the Car to You

My husband and I are shopping for a new car — now that we have two kids, it’s time to give up my trusty Honda Accord and get something a little bigger to accommodate our growing family. We’ve assessed what we like and done our research — narrowing it down to the Toyota Highlander and Honda Pilot.

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Chicago Auto Show – What to See, Tickets and Specials #fuelCAS

I’ve spent the day previewing the Chicago Auto Show. While it was 2 degrees outside, inside was warm, bright, and full of action inside. As with any auto show, there were beautiful people standing in front of pristine cars, and music with the flashing lights and music all around. Some of these car manufactures really now how to showcase their assets!

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