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Why & How to Foster Mindfulness in Children

Mindfulness helps build curiosity about the world which allows children to see beyond the scope of their lives. It also promotes family connection and bonding by introducing fun and interactive activities that can be done alone, with a partner, or with the family. All this combines to spark joy and grow your child’s confidence!

Inspiring the next generation of kindful (kind +mindful) humans

But how do you teach mindfulness?  Many of us parents haven’t yet tapped into this powerful way of thinking and being so here is some fabulous help to enable your success from Boundless Blooms. These products are designed to be appealing to children and provide age-appropriate mindful play.  Kids will discover new ways to move and breathe, ways to feel more gratitude, joy, and connection in their daily life resulting in more confidence, compassion, and calm.


This handcrafted box of thirty-four guided mindfulness activity cards with mindfulness exercises meant to help children ages two and older to improve focus, reduce anxiety, build resilience, feel calmer, increase emotional intelligence, and feel more connected to their world. There are also twenty-two simple mantra cards with powerful confidence-boosting positive affirmations.

The Mindful Moments cards can be used as part of your child’s bedtime ritual as a way to ground them after a day of activity. There are also tips to support you on your mindfulness journey!
The flip-top box that features a magnetic latch is great looking and sturdy. The cards have beautiful watercolor illustrations created for each card. The front side of the durable Activity cards has an exercise for the child to do along with the estimated amount of time it will take to complete the task.  The back of each card gives parents some conversation topics for the activity as well as ways to make the exercise appropriate for an older child or one who’s been practicing and mastered the first activity.

The Mantra cards are undecorated and have a simple statement on the child’s side.  Mantras like, “I am Radiant”, “I am Resilient”, “I am Joyful”, are included. On the adult side, the mantra is elevated to a complete paragraph that the parent can read or use to create their own discussion. There are also one or two pre-written questions for the parent to start a conversation about the meaning of the mantra.

Mindfulness for Kids by Boundless Blooms - a set of daily mindful activities and simple mantras for kids

Creating Mindful Children with Boundless Blooms – a set of daily mindful activities and simple mantras for kids.

These cards are so beautiful they deserve to be displayed! Perhaps the day’s card chosen in the morning and on display all day? Or completed cards used as temporary wall art held in place by removable gum or tape? Or on a thin ledge like molding so they can be moved around and enjoyed by the child until bedtime when it’s time to do the activity. Making them accessible allows the child to teach his/her bears, dolls, and friends what he/she’s learned.

Developed by families, for families

Boundless Blooms creates products for children that are designed to influence the next generation in a positive way. It was created by a mom, Kaajal Agnani, who searched for educational and developmental products for her young son and his cousins.  Her goal was to raise her child to be bold, strong, and compassionate as well as making sure he connects with the world around him.

Mindfulness for Kids. Interactive products to inspire the next gen of confident + compassionate + resilient humans.

Kaajal was unable to find the products that she imagined so she created them!  She holds degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, and the University of Southern California (where she also studied mindfulness) so she was armed with the knowledge necessary to bring her success. Her company, Boundless Blooms is where she shares her fun and interactive tools to unlock a fun and imaginative world that helps them to bloom into mindful kids.