The benefits of independent play go beyond giving mom and dad a few minutes to themselves. It teaches kids how to keep to a task on their own which is an invaluable life lesson. The ability to be a self-starter and even better yet, as a self-finisher, starts when kids are toddlers looking for something to do. Having quality toys available that practice a number of skills and which are at a level that your toddler can be successful at, on his or her own, boosts their confidence. The extra benefit of giving you a few minutes to yourself is a bonus, but don’t pass up the opportunity to play with your child and show them new ways to play with old toys. The skills and memories you build playing together are invaluable.

One thing to have in your toy arsenal are building toys. But think beyond the traditional building blocks. Try out these colorful and fun blocks that encourage toddlers to create while they’re learning STEM lessons through play.

Tileblox Rainbow 20 Pc Set

There are endless possibilities for play with this Tileblox 20Pc set. Along with the 8 Triangles and 12 Square in Rainbow colors, there’s a step-by-step idea sheet to help your child get started. It won’t be long before he starts creating one-of-a-kind masterpieces! The pieces connect via magnets so they connect in a myriad of ways. That means success for even the tiniest of hands so he can feel confident in his building abilities. TileBlox stack and store easily so there are no lost pieces. Ages 3+ MSRP: $24.99

Magformers Basic Plus 14 Pc Set

Your little builder will be able to create 3D structures with the 4 Squares, 8 Triangles, and 2 Inner Circle Square shapes that come with this Magformers Basic Plus 14 piece set. She’ll be able to create a magic ball, towers, houses, rockets, and anything else her imagination can dream up.  Step-by-step instructions are included to get your girl going and she’ll develop her shape and color recognition and work on her fine motor skills. Magforms are perfect for working on problem-solving and critical thinking and asking open-ended questions like, “What happens when I pull this block off?”  There are so many ways to put together the magnetic shapes and because they connect with magnets, success is guaranteed. When playtime is over, stack the pieces and the magnets will keep them together during storage. For ages 3+ MSRP $24.99

STEM toys are an important part of preparing your child for kindergarten and for life. Stock your child’s toy box with STEM toys that entertain while they work on their skills. They don’t have to know they’re learning, they’ll just think they’re having fun.

Magformers and Tileblox can be purchased at major online and offline retailers.

Magformers and Tileblox come in a variety of colors and sizes. Shop for both on

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